Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayIncluded in the goody box of products I received from Evolved Novelties was a bottle of Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Spray, which is something I never even knew existed, much less tried. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things I love about reviewing sex toys is getting to sample new and different products. As far as manufacturers go, I like Evolved. They’re responsible for my beloved Croupier, as well as the Silky G and Bliss vibrators. Plus, their products are made from body-safe materials, well-packaged, and affordable.

Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayI didn’t know this, but in addition to sex toys, Evolved has a production company called Zero Tolerance, which has a male line of products that includes the Oral Sex Candy Spray. I actually misread the label at first and thought it was oral sex flavored candy spray, which totally threw me for a loop, until I saw the word WATERMELON across the bottom. That made more sense to me.

This isn’t a flavored lube, and even if it was I wouldn’t be able to use it for that purpose because it contains glycerin (I have sensitivities). Rather, this product is more along the lines of flavored body paints and edible dusts. Only this is a watermelon flavored liquid that you spray on any body part you want flavored. It comes in 2 oz pump-top bottle with a clear cap, and in addition to watermelon, there are three other flavors available: strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayPersonally, the real taste of my partner’s skin turns me on more the taste of watermelon, or any other fruit for that matter. Perhaps that’s not the case with some people, and this spray may help those who aren’t so fond of the way their partner tastes get more enthusiastic about oral play. Either way, it can be a fun product to use for the novelty if nothing else. After all, it is something different, and I’m all for a little experimentation. Introducing new ideas, activities, and/or props into bedroom play is a great way to explore your sexuality. And this spray is water-based, so it’s condom and toy safe.

Oral Sex Candy Spray is a thin liquid, like water, and dispenses in a fine mist when you push the pump top. It reminds me of sore throat spray, only without the nasty medicine taste. I love watermelon itself, but oddly enough I don’t like watermelon-flavored stuff. Still, while I’d probably prefer one of the other flavors, this tastes okay. Imagine watermelon flavored candy, only not nearly as sweet.

Even though this product contains glycerin, I still really like the list of ingredients because it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes in it. Oral Sex Candy Spray is made with:

  • glycerin
  • purified water
  • flavor
  • sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • potassium sorbate (preservative)
  • citric acid (preservative and for flavor)

According to the label, this product leaves no aftertaste or sticky residue, and for the most part I agree. Compared to a couple of other flavored body novelties I’ve tried in the past, this one’s flavor is rather subtle to begin with, and while the taste does linger in my mouth for a little while, it’s not for long and barely noticeable. I was very pleasantly surprised by the lack of a sticky feeling on my skin, though. Usually whenever I use any kind of flavored lube or oil there’s cleanup afterwards, but this stuff rinses right off.

While I’m not a fan of this particular flavor, or really products like this in general, if I had to use a flavored, apply-it-to-your-body-and-lick-it-off type substance, I’d go for something like this because of the all-natural ingredients, mild taste, and easy clean up. For those reasons, I give Oral Sex Candy Spray 4 out of 5 stars.