I’ve been reviewing sex toys for over a year, and I now possess way more than I need, and definitely more than I can reasonably use. There’s also a space issue, so my sex toy collection can’t be allowed to grow beyond my storage capacity. In order to keep accepting new products to review, I need to make room for them. That means it’s time to cull.

Please understand, I fully intend to keep the good stuff. I just want to trash the crap. So, I went through and took out every sex toy that I haven’t played with since reviewing it. From that pile, I sorted out the ones I had no interest in ever using again. Not surprisingly, these were mostly cheap vibes. The material was either lint-magnet TPR, skin-drag heavy pseudo silicone, or flimsy plastic. In many the motors were weak and/or too loud. Or took watch batteries.

We’re not supposed to throw away old electronics and stuff like that in the regular trash. Luckily, I have a place nearby where I can drop off electronics to be recycled, so that’s where these toys are ultimately headed. But before I do that, I thought I’d have some fun with them one last time. A different kind of fun, that is.

See, I really don’t want to hand the attendants at the recycling center a bag full of sex toys. So I hacked them up to the point where they were no longer recognizable as such. It was a lot of fun, if a bit challenging at times, and it’s interesting to see how these things are put together.

The motors I could get to are dissected and will be put to other uses, and the little circuit board things are separate from the wires, outer materials, and other stuff. If anybody really wants to go about trying to piece it all back together and manages to build something recognizable, then I say they’ve earned the knowledge that some housewife brought in a bag full of dismembered vibrators.

Anyway, I took more pictures documenting the massacre, and from time to time I’ll feature one of the victims in a What’s Inside Wednesday post. This way you’ll not only get to see which toys I trashed, but you’ll also get to see what’s inside them.

You can view all my What’s Inside Wednesday posts here: What’s Inside Wednesday archive. If you tear up any sex toys and post pictures, please share your links in the comments, thanks!