Wartenberg Pinwheel sex toy BDSM bondageI enter a lot of blog giveaways for sex toys. I’m a sucker for the chance to get fun stuff. Plus, getting insight into other types of products people enjoy gives me ideas of things I might like to try, but I can’t buy everything.

Receiving an item through a giveaway is actually a double win because it allows me to try something I otherwise may not have selected for myself and without the obligation of having to review it if I don’t like it. Then, if I do like it I have something cool to review.

Mistress Kay recently hosted a giveaway for a Wartenberg Wheel on her Kinky World blog, and I was the lucky winner! I had never seen anything quite like it before. It reminds me of a pastry cutter for some reason, but it’s actually a medical device. Designed by Dr. Wartenberg, the pinwheel’s evenly-spaced spikes test nerve reactions as the wheel rolls along skin.

My Wartenberg Wheel came packaged in a narrow plastic sleeve, one side of which is clear so the pinwheel is visible. It measures 7 inches total in length, from the tip of the top spike to the end of the offset handle. The solid part of the wheel is about an inch in diameter, and the spikes measure 1/4 of an inch long.

I’m not sure what type of metal this is made from. I’m guessing it’s stainless steel or something similar. The handle on my wheel is blue, and it’s apparently paint, because there’s a small place where some of it has chipped off.

The spikes look severe and are quite sharp and pointy, they’re not designed to actually break the skin. I’m sure they could if somebody pressed hard enough, but the severity of stimulation is entirely up to the user. This is a fun toy to tease with.

While feather ticklers give more of a soft, floaty type of sensation, the spikes on a pinwheel are more of a pinpoint prickly-tickly feeling. I find that different body areas respond with varying sensitivity to the wheel rolling along my skin, which is pretty cool to play with.

It’s great for sensory play and teasing, so it’s an ideal toy to use during foreplay. I think a pinwheel makes a nice step up from feather ticklers, and since it’s so small, storage is no problem. This is something I probably would never have thought I’d enjoy, but I am so glad I got to try it. It’s certainly something new for me, and I look forward to playing with it more.