To Protect and Serve Erotica eBook ReviewI love sexy stories. Every once in a while I fall into an erotica groove, and during these times that’s all I want to read. Strangely enough, I seem to get in these can’t-get-enough-smut moods at the beginning of summer.

I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather heating things up on all fronts or my brain automatically lapsing into slacker mode once the community pool opens, but what better way to spend a hot sunny day than lounging in the shade reading some fresh new erotica? Especially when it’s on my Kindle so I don’t have to worry about anyone else knowing what I’m reading.

About a month ago, up-and-coming erotica writer Giavanna Desiderare contacted me, wanting to know if I’d be interested in reading her story, To Protect and Serve. Since my dirty mind lacks any creativity and imagination of its own, I’m always up for new inspiration, so I readily agreed.

This story is about a career-driven policewoman named Lizzy. While her accomplishments at work are due to hard work and ambition, her colleagues suspect she traded sexual favors for those frequent promotions. This leaves Lizzy feeling somewhat isolated in her small town. Add to that the fact she spends all her time working, leaving little opportunity for romance or a sex life, and you have a powerful woman who is respected in the community but not particularly liked, with presumably very little sexual experience.

We do get a short glimpse of Lizzy’s sexual past during a flashback when she recalls losing her virginity to a distant cousin named Daynan one summer. As far as deflowering scenes go, it’s pretty short and to the point, but it provides the background for the present story line, as Lizzy must track down fugitive Daynan after he escapes from police custody. She knows where to find him, and their encounter soon escalates into a steamy sex scene.

While this particular piece of erotica is a bit on the raw side, it has potential. I hope the author continues writing about Lizzy, either with Daynan or other partners. To Protect and Serve seems like it should be part of a bigger story, and I would enjoy reading other snippets of Lizzy’s life, perhaps in a series of short story chronicles or something.

To Protect and Serve is currently available on in Kindle format, and Giavanna Desiderare also has an erotica blog at Giavanna’s Dirty Mind.