Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyRemember last Friday when I mentioned that I received some new sex toys from Evolved Novelties to review? Well, included in that box was a Silky G vibe, which is part of their Fleur De Lis collection and is similar to the Bliss I’ve previously reviewed.

Both vibes are around the same size, have 3 speed of constant vibration, and feature that velvety surface I love so much on hard plastic toys. Only instead of the 4 rounded, wave-like ripples at the top of Bliss, Silky G just has two bulges and a tapered, curved tip.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyAs with the Bliss, and I would imagine all the other vibes in the Fleur De Lis product line, Silky G comes packaged in a metal box with a lift-off plastic lid that’s held in place by metal clasps. I really like these boxes and use them for storage.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, all of Evolved’s vibrators are phthalates-free and waterproof. So they’re shower (or bath) friendly, easy to clean, and since this one is made from plastic, it’s compatible with whatever lube you choose to use.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyTo me, the vibrations feel equally strong and rumbly in both the Bliss and Silky G. As is the case with a lot of hard plastic vibes, at top speed I do feel a little more surface buzz, and the motor is definitely more audible. But it’s still fairly quiet, and there’s enough power to satisfy me. It doesn’t have the same level of oomph as plug-in massagers, but considering this vibe runs on just 2 AA batteries, I think it performs very well.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyEvolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyI love the simple, single-button control. Located on the battery compartment cap, it’s easy to find and press. Just push it to turn the vibe on, then keep pressing to cycle through the 3 vibration speeds and turn it off. The vibrations can be felt all over, but they are strongest at the top half of the shaft.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyI’ve actually been wanting to try something like this for a while because up until now I haven’t really used anything with such a tapered point for G-spot stimulation. I know I like bulbous heads and curved shafts, but Silky G is really more of a straight shaft with a curved tip.

It’s definitely a different sensation to other G-spot sex toys I’ve used. The waves up top feel really nice going in and out of me, and I love using the pointy tip for clitoral stimulation, but I still feel like I’m getting the hang of stimulating my G-spot with it. Just when I think I’ve found the right spot, I seem to lose my place and have to start over. Maybe I just need a larger, more bulbous tip instead of more pinpoint pressure there. Or more practice.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyOverall, I think Silky G does the job very nicely, so I’m going to rate this one 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a tad bit large to use on my clitoris during intercourse unless I’m in a rear-entry position, but I think the tapered tip is really nice for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and it’s a great vibe to use in the shower.

Oh, and for those who prefer a sex toy material with more give, the Silky G is also available in a silicone version. Thank you, Evolved for sending me a Silky G to try!