A bendable multifunction and multi-speed waterproof vibrator with push button control type.Many years ago I received a long-stemmed red rosebud from a potential suitor. I know that’s meant to be a romantic gift and all, and it was a pretty flower. But honestly, and as much as I appreciated the gesture, I didn’t have much use for it. After a couple of days it wilted and withered and had to be thrown away.

Evolved Novelties has an ideal alternative to the single rosebud gift with their Silicone Vibrating Bendable Rose, and thanks to EdenFantasys.com I got to try one. The Silicone Bendable Rose comes in ready-to-give packaging, which is a clear plastic tube with a red bow and gift tag. It’s designed to look just like a long-stemmed rosebud, complete with a vase-like handle.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose vibrator packaging  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Packaging

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose VibratorThe rosebud is basically an egg/bullet vibe covered in soft silicone. The surface is mostly smooth, with a couple of subtle ridges that are meant to resemble petals. Underneath the silicone, the rosebud is firm until the tip. That’s where the motor ends and it’s all silicone, which is pretty squishy and great for pinpoint stimulation.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Control ButtonThere is a single-button control on the bottom of the base. Press it once to turn the vibe on, and then keep pushing the button to cycle through the various settings. To turn off the motor, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

This vibe remembers which mode it’s in when you turn it off, so when you switch it back on, it will be at the same setting.This is really handy, as you won’t have to find your desired setting if you need to switch it off quickly at any point during play.

The packaging claims this vibe has 10 different vibration modes, but I only counted 7:

  • slow constant vibration
  • medium constant vibration
  • fast constant vibration
  • a short-short-medium pulse pattern
  • a pattern of 5 short pulses followed by a long pulse
  • a long-medium-short-short-short pulse pattern
  • a pattern of 2 very short, sharp pulses followed by a longer pulse
 Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Measurements

The whole thing measures close to 12 inches in total length. The rosebud is 2 1/2 inches long, and just over 1 1/2 inches wide at its base, giving it a maximum girth of around 5 inches before tapering to a point at the top. So, it’s a bit bigger than most bullets and more like the size of an egg vibe.

What’s really cool about this vibe is the bendable stem. In theory, this allows you to shape and adjust the vibe to best suit your needs, allowing you to comfortably reach whatever areas you wish to stimulate.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator ReviewThis is a lot of fun to play with, but unfortunately, the stem doesn’t really stay in place once I start using the vibe. The packaging claims that it “bends and holds any position,” but as soon as I try to apply any kind of pressure on the rosebud, the stem yields.

I would definitely prefer a stiffer stem. That may make it harder to bend, but I think it would be worth the extra effort up front to have the stem keep its shape.

The 2 AAA batteries required to power this vibe go in the compartment located in the vase-like handle. The cap twists off, and to replace it you have to make sure the tabs on the cap match the grooves on the base. This took me longer than I’m willing to admit to figure out, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Handle  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Battery Compartment  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Battery Cap

The Silicone Bendable Rose has the added benefit of being waterproof, which means easy cleaning with soap and water. I love low-maintenance toys! Just remember to only use water-based lube with this one since the rosebud is silicone.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose VibratorDespite the flat base, I was disappointed to discover that this vibe doesn’t easily stand up on its own out of the packaging. You have to really make sure it’s perfectly balanced, and even then just the slightest bump or breeze will knock it over.

That’s not a deal breaker or anything; it just means I store mine in the plastic tube because the soft silicone has a tendency to pick up lint and dust. Also, when I first used this toy the stem cracked rather loudly, which was rather alarming, but it only did it that one time and hasn’t made the noise since.

As far as performance, I think the Silicone Bendable Rose could benefit from a more powerful motor. It’s not exactly what I would call weak, and it will probably be strong enough to suit most people, but it may not be sufficient for those who like intense vibrations.

However, it is very quiet, which is awesome, and it works really well when used in conjunction with other sex toys, such as a non-vibrating dildo. It’s also ideal to use during foreplay, as it’s great for teasing. Plus, it would make a fantastic gift. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, you know.