PicoBong Kiki vibrator sex toyBabeland sent me a PicoBong Kiki to review. For anyone not yet familiar with these new sex toys, PicoBong is a recently launched division of LELO. Only this product line is marketed to a younger crowd (not that us old folks can’t enjoy them too), with more budget-friendly pricing, simpler packaging, and fun designs in cool colors. I really like that LELO has developed this new product line, because not everyone can afford their luxury pleasure objects.

There are six different designs to choose from, and the Kiki reminds me of a scaled-down Starlet or LELO Gigi because the tip shape is very similar on all three vibes. Also, the silicone covering has that same lovely velvet feel to the surface. Kiki has a slight curve to it. I suppose it’s somewhere in between the straight Starlet and Gigi’s more pronounced bend, but Kiki’s shaft isn’t really long enough to have too much curve. And anyways, this is meant to be a clit toy.

The packaging is more in line with what you would expect for sex toys of this price range. It’s a simple windowed box with Kiki and the PicoBong die (more on that later) attached to a card inside.

Behind the card is where the user’s manual and warranty information is stashed. Sadly, there’s no storage pouch, but Kiki fits nicely in a snack sized ziploc bag, and luckily the packaging is totally recyclable.

Unlike the rechargeable LELO vibes, PicoBongs are battery powered. Kiki takes just a single AAA battery, and unfortunately, the vibrations are disappointing. Perhaps I had unfair expectations, but I assumed these new toys would be comparable in vibration strength to those found in LELO vibes, but Kiki isn’t nearly as powerful as my Siri.

The controls are nice and simple, though. My other LELO vibes have multiple buttons, and I often press the wrong one, resulting in a new pattern when I just wanted to up the speed. With just a + and – button, that’s much less likely to happen. Also, the buttons are integrated (is that the right word?) into the embossed logo on Kiki’s side. Subtle and sleek, I like it.

Just press and hold the + a couple of seconds to turn the power on, and keep pushing it to up the intensity. Press the – button to back off the power, and hold the – to turn the motor off. At the fastest speed of constant vibration, hold the + button for a couple of seconds, and that will take you into the vibration patterns, of which there are many. Push the + button to cycle through them, or press the – button to go back to continuous vibration. Kiki has a total of 12 settings.

  1. Constant vibration mode.
  2. Similar to a busy signal pulse, only longer and slower, with some faint rumblings in between, so it feels almost like a weak constant vibration with a pulse going through it.
  3. A faster and shorter version of the pattern described above.
  4. Shorter, faster pulses.
  5. Very fast short, sharp pulses.
  6. Slow escalating pulse, meaning that it ramps up, pauses, and then ramps up again.
  7. A shorter escalating pulse.
  8. Slow rollercoaster, meaning that the vibration intensity slowly increases and then decreases in a continuous cycle.
  9. A shorter, slightly faster rollercoaster.
  10. Mild escalating pulse followed by two medium pulses.
  11. Escalating pulse then four short pulses.
  12. Random Crazy WTF?! If this vibe made a different kind of noise–or just more noise as it’s so quiet, then I think this setting would sound like music. The pulses vary in length and intensity, but I can’t distinguish a real pattern.

Kiki’s motor is very quiet, which is fantastic and one of the things I love about it, but I’d tolerate a little more noise if it meant more power. Another thing Kiki has going for it is the shape. I really like the flat oval head. It’s effective for clitoral stimulation, and even with Kiki’s discreet size being a limitation, it feels good when the tip is inserted vaginally (no flared base though, so it’s not safe for anal). Also, the top of the tip can be used for more pinpoint stimulation. And because it’s nice and small, Kiki is a handy clit vibe to use in conjunction with insertable toys, as long as you don’t need much power.

Kiki is an adorable little vibe, and I think it’s definitely geared more for the PicoBong target market of young, hip people who are most likely new to the world of sex toys. I say this because there’s definitely a fun and playful approach to the marketing, and weak vibes like Kiki are more for teasing, exploration, and foreplay. But dotards like me need more powerful vibrations, with less surface buzz, to get off.

Oh, yeah. I was going to tell you about the die that came with Kiki. The instruction manual tells you to visit PicoBong.com to learn more. Which I did. Thinking that the die must be for some kind of unique game, I was looking for a list of rules, a printable game board, or something. But all I found was an online game you can play, and the die is a featured element in the game. As far as I can tell, that’s it.

I didn’t include the patterns in the video because the sound didn’t come through and you wouldn’t have been able to hear them anyway.