Papaya Tattoo Strawberry VibratorNot long after I started reviewing sex toys I caught sight of the colorful and uniquely designed vibes from Papaya. Made from top-quality silicone, Papaya Toys feature powerful motors and easy-to-use controls. You can check out the entire collection on their company website, and please do because they come in a variety of fun styles, and they’re all waterproof.

The company has also been recognized for quality and innovative design. Having coveted one of these vibes for many months, I am thrilled to tell you all about the Tattoo Strawberry they recently send me to try.

As for the packaging, it’s a completely discreet, simple square box with product information printed in English on a slide-off outer sleeve. The same information is in German on the back of the box itself.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Box Front Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Box Back

Rather than having a lift-off lid, there’s a top flap that extends down to the box’s front panel where it closes magnetically. Inside is a tray holding the vibe and its satiny storage pouch, with the user’s manual/instructions (printed in several different languages) sitting on top.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging

There’s nothing underneath the tray, which seemed to me at first to be a waste of space. Then I realized that this is a nice sturdy box, that’s also quick and easy to open with the magnetic flap, so it’s great for storage. I’m currently keeping charger cables and instruction books for other sex toys in there. Plus, a square box doesn’t look like sex toy packaging, so it’s ideal for gift-giving.

Tattoo Strawberry is a good size for multiple purposes. The rounded tip is smaller than the typical wand massager, but it’s still very effective for clitoral stimulation. The shaft gradually increases in girth, but it stays within a pretty average range that should suit most users. On either side of the shaft is a raised tattoo-like design which adds some texture.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements
The shaft also has a very slight, nearly imperceptible, curve, which makes effective G-spot stimulation possible. I didn’t think it was working that well for me when I first used it internally, but I soon figured out where to position and how to move it. I’m not always a big fan of internal vibrations, but I love the feel of this one on low because it’s so nice and rumbly.
Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements

Then, when I need some powerful throbbing on my clit, I can just ramp up the power because the controls are super easy. Well, at least they are now that I’ve finally figured them out. For some unknown reason I had trouble working them at first. I kept hitting the wrong button and getting confused, which is silly because there are only two buttons, one on each side of the raised bow-tie on the vibe handle.

Just press the left button once to turn the motor on and cycle through the two pulse settings. Press and hold the same button to increase the vibration speed/intensity. To decrease the vibration strength, press and hold the right button. To turn the motor off at any time, press the right button once.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Shaft Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements

This vibe is surprisingly powerful considering it only takes two AA batteries. The battery compartment itself is rather interesting, and Papaya Toys won an innovation award for it. The batteries go in a cartridge that works no matter which way you install it. How fantastic is that? No more fumbling trying to figure out which way the batteries go in, or frustration over having to take them out and try again. I can see where this would be especially helpful when in a darkened room, or a hurry.

Honestly, I’m very impressed with the Papaya Tattoo Strawberry. I’m amazed at the motor’s power, and I love its rumbly vibrations. It also has a good range in vibration strength, and the size and shape make it an ideal all-purpose vibe and a new favorite. Thank you to Papaya Toys for sending me this one to review!