Uniquely designed vibrator with six levels of pulsationThis week’s Follow-Up Friday is the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe, which happens to be one of the only sex toys I’ve truly hated. I wasn’t quite so down on it at first. I mean, the uber-buzzy vibrations were more irritating than stimulating, and the flimsy clicky button that skipped functions or just didn’t work were a challenge to look past, as was the lack of variation in intensity, although props for the idea of having a dial control for that. Too bad it didn’t work. 

BUT, I loved the design, shape, and velvety finish on the plastic, so I tried very hard to overlook its shortcomings. I really wanted to like it.

Now, I look over my original review, and I see that I was way too kind. I actually gave this thing 3 stars? To be fair, the Silk Touch Egg Vibe was one of the first products I reviewed, so I hadn’t really experienced a lot of the better-quality vibes yet. Plus, back then I tended to emphasize the pros and gloss over the cons in my reviews. Still, there’s no way this bullet deserves that high of a rating.

By the time I added my follow-up review of it on EdenFantasys.com, I had grown to hate it, and I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me to hate a sex toy. I don’t think this toy ever gave me an orgasm, if so it was maybe during the first few times I used it, and it must have been an underwhelming climax if I can’t even remember whether I had it or not. Once I started reviewing more products and got my hands on better gear, I gave up even trying to like my Silk Touch Egg. It would frustrate me by its irritatingly buzzy vibrations that numbed my clit and made it impossible for me to get off.

I would visibly sneer at my Silk Touch Egg whenever I caught a glimpse of it in my toy drawer. I resented it for taking up space. It didn’t deserve to hang out with my LaysSpot and Hitachi, so I soon stashed it in the far corner of my junk drawer. And that’s where it has stayed, along with a few other toys I’ve retired because I got bored with them or found better replacements, so it’s not alone, but it’s definitely my least favorite vibe so far.

The kicker is, this thing retails for close to $30. Now, I know that’s not a lot for a sex toy, but for $30 (or less) there are much more worthy vibes out there. However, that’s just my opinion. If you look at other reviews for the Silk Touch Egg, you’ll see that quite a few people loved it, so I’ll insert the just-because-I-hate-it-doesn’t-mean-you-won’t-like-it caveat here. But I think it’s junk.

A bendable multifunction and multi-speed waterproof vibrator with push button control type.Many years ago I received a long-stemmed red rosebud from a potential suitor. I know that’s meant to be a romantic gift and all, and it was a pretty flower. But honestly, and as much as I appreciated the gesture, I didn’t have much use for it. After a couple of days it wilted and withered and had to be thrown away.

Evolved Novelties has an ideal alternative to the single rosebud gift with their Silicone Vibrating Bendable Rose, and thanks to EdenFantasys.com I got to try one. The Silicone Bendable Rose comes in ready-to-give packaging, which is a clear plastic tube with a red bow and gift tag. It’s designed to look just like a long-stemmed rosebud, complete with a vase-like handle.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose vibrator packaging  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Packaging

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose VibratorThe rosebud is basically an egg/bullet vibe covered in soft silicone. The surface is mostly smooth, with a couple of subtle ridges that are meant to resemble petals. Underneath the silicone, the rosebud is firm until the tip. That’s where the motor ends and it’s all silicone, which is pretty squishy and great for pinpoint stimulation.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Control ButtonThere is a single-button control on the bottom of the base. Press it once to turn the vibe on, and then keep pushing the button to cycle through the various settings. To turn off the motor, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

This vibe remembers which mode it’s in when you turn it off, so when you switch it back on, it will be at the same setting.This is really handy, as you won’t have to find your desired setting if you need to switch it off quickly at any point during play.

The packaging claims this vibe has 10 different vibration modes, but I only counted 7:

  • slow constant vibration
  • medium constant vibration
  • fast constant vibration
  • a short-short-medium pulse pattern
  • a pattern of 5 short pulses followed by a long pulse
  • a long-medium-short-short-short pulse pattern
  • a pattern of 2 very short, sharp pulses followed by a longer pulse
 Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Measurements

The whole thing measures close to 12 inches in total length. The rosebud is 2 1/2 inches long, and just over 1 1/2 inches wide at its base, giving it a maximum girth of around 5 inches before tapering to a point at the top. So, it’s a bit bigger than most bullets and more like the size of an egg vibe.

What’s really cool about this vibe is the bendable stem. In theory, this allows you to shape and adjust the vibe to best suit your needs, allowing you to comfortably reach whatever areas you wish to stimulate.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator ReviewThis is a lot of fun to play with, but unfortunately, the stem doesn’t really stay in place once I start using the vibe. The packaging claims that it “bends and holds any position,” but as soon as I try to apply any kind of pressure on the rosebud, the stem yields.

I would definitely prefer a stiffer stem. That may make it harder to bend, but I think it would be worth the extra effort up front to have the stem keep its shape.

The 2 AAA batteries required to power this vibe go in the compartment located in the vase-like handle. The cap twists off, and to replace it you have to make sure the tabs on the cap match the grooves on the base. This took me longer than I’m willing to admit to figure out, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Handle  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Battery Compartment  Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose Vibrator Battery Cap

The Silicone Bendable Rose has the added benefit of being waterproof, which means easy cleaning with soap and water. I love low-maintenance toys! Just remember to only use water-based lube with this one since the rosebud is silicone.

Evolved Silicone Bendable Rose VibratorDespite the flat base, I was disappointed to discover that this vibe doesn’t easily stand up on its own out of the packaging. You have to really make sure it’s perfectly balanced, and even then just the slightest bump or breeze will knock it over.

That’s not a deal breaker or anything; it just means I store mine in the plastic tube because the soft silicone has a tendency to pick up lint and dust. Also, when I first used this toy the stem cracked rather loudly, which was rather alarming, but it only did it that one time and hasn’t made the noise since.

As far as performance, I think the Silicone Bendable Rose could benefit from a more powerful motor. It’s not exactly what I would call weak, and it will probably be strong enough to suit most people, but it may not be sufficient for those who like intense vibrations.

However, it is very quiet, which is awesome, and it works really well when used in conjunction with other sex toys, such as a non-vibrating dildo. It’s also ideal to use during foreplay, as it’s great for teasing. Plus, it would make a fantastic gift. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, you know.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Good Vibes Sex ToyA company well known for its luxury sex toys, Lelo recently came out with a gorgeous line of silk restraints. I spend a great deal of time coveting Lelo products, so when GoodVibes.com offered the Etherea Cuffs for review, I readily requested them to try. Available in black, purple, and red, these cuffs are a great way to add a bit of class to light bondage play.

Lelo’s packaging is very discreet and stylish. There is a thin outer box, which has the company name and a subtle picture on the front, and some basic product information printed in several languages on the back. Inside is a black gift box. Lift off the lid to find the cuffs are wrapped in pretty paper.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex ToyLELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

The inside of each cuff is lined with silk which has a lovely floral pattern, and the outside is soft suede. They measure a little over 7 inches long, and taper in the middle so that their width varies from 2 to 2 3/8 inches.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

Each cuff slides freely along its own silk ribbon, which serve as the ties. The ribbons measure close to 43 1/2 inches long, so there is plenty of length to work with which allows these cuffs to be very adjustable and versatile. There’s nothing included to actually tie the ribbons to, so you can tie them to each other or something else.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

The soft silky interior means the cuffs are extremely comfortable. Seriously, they feel heavenly against my skin whether I have them tied around my wrists, ankles, or thighs, so they’re great for extended wear. Plus, they’re beauty makes them an awesome accessory. In fact, they look fabulous with a few lingerie pieces I have.

Because of the materials Lelo recommends dry cleaning the Etherea Cuffs. I try to be careful when I’m wearing these and not mess them up too much, especially on the suede side. I’ve so far had pretty good luck spot-cleaning the silk ribbons with a slightly damp cloth.

The Etherea Silk Cuffs exude the quality and class one expects from Lelo. The only issue I encountered was keeping them on. This is why I stated above that these are ideal for light bondage play, or those who think they may want to try being tied up without actually being restrained, as they’re easy to escape.

The first time I used mine, I tied the ribbons in pretty little bows around my wrists, and as soon as I started rolling around, the bows became loose and the cuffs fell off. I then tried double bows, which worked much better. Tying the ribbons in knots means they’ll stay on, but then the knots can get tight during the course of play and become tricky to untie.

Hitachi magic wand vibrator is a two-speed massager with a soft flexible head.Since I briefly mentioned the Mighty Hitachi when I announced that I would be doing these Follow-Up Friday posts, and since it was the first vibrator I owned (apart from a slimline classic-style vibe that was given to me as a gift, but I never had the courage to try it because at the time I was such a frigid cow, and then it was subsequently stolen).

Hmm, maybe I should clarify that the Hitachi Magic Wand was the first vibrator I ever USED. So, I guess I started my journey in sex toy exploration with a powerhouse.

Anyway, I never really posted a proper review of it, did I? In looking back at some of my earlier posts, I realize that I had no clue how to write about sex toys. Some may argue that I still don’t, but at least I’m improving. My original Hitachi Magic Wand post is really more of a sales pitch. That’s probably because I was trying to get started selling sex toys via home romance parties at the time. I’ve pretty much given up on that venture and stick to reviewing now, but this isn’t meant to be about me, so…

The Hitachi Magic Wand is legendary. It’s the quintessential sex toy that’s not a sex toy, and I ordered it based on the recommendations from the Sex is Fun gang. I started listening to that podcast way back in 2006, so I’ve had my Hitachi for several years now, and it’s still going strong. There are only two speeds (low and high), but for a vibrator this powerful that’s really all you need, as I rarely use the high setting.

It did take me a several tries to get used to vibrations on my clit. In fact, the first few times I used my Magic Wand it scared me. I’ve never had any problems climaxing from clitoral stimulation, but the Hitachi produced such intense sensations, I was afraid it would buzz away my nerve endings. Wrapping a soft cloth around the head or using it outside my clothes took the edge off to where I could finally really play with it, and soon I could put that sucker right up against me and come in seconds. So that’s pretty much how all this got started. Getting a Hitachi Magic Wand made me realize that I had been missing out on something incredible all these years, which quickly lead to my desire for more sex toys.

As I’ve acquired more vibrators and pleasure objects over time, my poor Hitachi has been left to sit in the drawer, rarely used these days. Not because I don’t like it anymore, because it’s still an extremely effective piece of equipment that will always be a part of my collection (until it breaks, and then I’ll get another), but because it’s just not very convenient to use. Here’s why:

  • It has to be plugged in, which requires a power outlet, and the cord isn’t long enough. Unless I want to stand close enough to the wall (which I’ve been known to do at times), I have to use an extension cord. I bought the Hitachi its own dedicated extension cord, because who wants to spend time searching for one when you need to orgasm NOW, but it just makes it a nightmare to store with all that extra cord.
  • It’s big and bulky. Seriously. It’s one unwieldy vibe. That doesn’t matter so much for solo play, but trying to squeeze this thing in between bodies during sex is just too awkward.
  • It’s loud. I live in a small house, with paper-thin walls and family members with very sensitive ears. I need my vibes to be quiet.

I wouldn’t have even considered the above disadvantages 5 years ago, but now that I’ve tried other wand-style massagers that are more compact, battery operated (therefore cordless), waterproof, and just overall more practical and easy to use when it comes to spur-of-the-moment need, I understand the Hitachi Magic Wand‘s limitations. But it’s still worth having one around.

It’s a new year, and I’d like to try something different. Rather than only posting current reviews, I’m going to start doing Follow-Up Friday posts. Now that this blog has been around for several months, and I’ve reviewed enough products to make this a possibility, I thought it would be useful to post follow-ups reviews on sex toys I’ve had for a while.

When I first started reviewing adult products, I only had about half a dozen sex toys. Over time and after trying many different types and styles of sex toys, I find that I’m not as easily impressed. There are some products that I’ve barely touched since completing my review of them, and still others I didn’t use again (but most of those were ones I didn’t like anyway, like the Silk Egg).

A lot of that is lack of time. I mean, there are only so many hours in the day, and I always have new stuff that needs reviewing, so those items take priority when it comes to my playtime selection. But for anyone considering a certain sex toy, it might be useful to know how or if the reviewer’s opinion has changed over time.

I can say right now that my Hitachi Magic Wand doesn’t get nearly as much use as it once did. In fact, the last time I played with it was when I reviewed the Mini Mistress Massager, to see which one was more powerful. I still love the fact that the Hitachi delivers mind-blowing clitoral orgasms every time (and expediently, too), but it’s so loud and big and bulky and has to be plugged in and is really just kind of a hassle when compared to more compact (and cordless) vibes that are just way more convenient. This doesn’t count as a follow-up, by the way. It’s just an example.

Procrastinator that I am, I’ve left it too late in the day to do a proper follow-up of anything for this week, and I’m not guaranteeing that EVERY Friday will be a follow-up review, as I don’t think I’ve reviewed quite that many sex toys yet, but I’d like to make it a regular thing.

So, I’m calling for requests. If there’s a product I’ve written a review for (check my blog archive or index), and you’re curious to know if I still like it, then please feel free to let me know so I can be sure to feature it in a Follow-Up Friday post.

Le Reve Dolphin VibratorPipedream kindly sent me a Le Reve Dolphin to try, and I was thrilled to receive it. I reviewed the Le Reve Massager on EdenFantasys.com last summer, and the Dolphin is part of that same product line.

Instead of being hard plastic like my other Le Reve vibe, it has a soft and squishy shaft made from TPR. Also, Dolphin contains 2 motors: one that rotates the shaft, and another positioned towards the tip that vibrates.

Packaging is a black cardboard box with product pictures on all sides and basic information printed on the back, and inside there is a thin plastic insert that holds the vibe in place. I recycled the box and store my Dolphin in a zip-top plastic bag to keep it clean, as TPR attracts lint and dust.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Pipedream Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator

Le Reve Dolphin measures about 9 inches in total length, with a diameter of around 1 1/4 inches and close to a 4 1/4-inch girth. Above the metal ring is soft TPR, and the handle below is hard plastic.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Measurements

The shaft tapers at the tip into a shape that resembles a dolphin’s head. There are raises sections down either side, but they don’t really add any noticeable texture, and other than that the surface is smooth with the skin drag typical of TPR.
Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Shaft

The control pad is a soft button that lights up when the power is on. It has 3 separate sections, each marked by a raised icon, that operate the motors. The bottom controls the motor rotating the shaft, turning it on and cycling through the 4 speeds. The middle controls the vibrating tip, which has 3 pulse patterns and one setting of constant vibration, and the top shuts both motors off.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Control Button Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Battery Compartment

I had a lot of fun test driving the different settings and experimenting with all the various combinations. I really love the rotating shaft, as it feels awesome when inserted and is also very effective for external stimulation, especially when the tip is also vibrating.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator DescriptionLe Reve Dolphin requires 4 AAA batteries, and the compartment lid just slides off–rather easily, in fact. The batteries are no trouble to install as they fit into one of those cartridge/holder things.

There isn’t an O ring or anything to make me confident that water won’t get into the battery compartment, though, so I don’t think this vibe is actually waterproof. I know the box says it’s waterproof. Maybe I’m wrong, and it really is.

But that’s fine. I don’t have to use this vibe under water. I have plenty of other toys that I know for a fact are waterproof that I can enjoy in the shower. I’m keeping this one dry.

Update: I was asked to test the waterproof factor and offered a replacement Dolphin if mine quit working after getting wet. Well folks, I can now confirm that this vibe is not waterproof. I only took it in the shower with me once, so I didn’t even immerse it in water, and it died within 24 hours. Water got all in the battery compartment; the lid just isn’t tight enough to form any kind of seal.

Icicles N0. 9 Glass DildoPipedream has some lovely glass toys in their Icicles product line, and I was lucky to get one for review. Well, actually, I received three of them, but I’m going to talk about the Icicles No. 9 first. It’s modestly-sized, with a slightly curved shape and a just a little bit of texture that is very inviting. It has a flat, round base, so it’s safe for all types of play and can stand up on its own.

The outer packaging is a cardboard box that has full-size photos of the No. 9 on the front and sides. Some product information and a close-up picture of the texture is on the back of the box. The front of the box flips open, and you can see the glass toy through a clear plastic window. Inside is the No. 9 in a molded foam insert, which slides out of the top of the box.

Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo PackagingIcicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyIcicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging

This clear glass dildo has a beautiful blue spiral in the center, and once I took it out of the foam I noticed a slightly iridescent finish to the surface. No. 9 measures almost 6 1/2 inches long, with a 1 1/4-inch diameter giving it nearly 4 inches in girth. The surface is smooth apart from the 3 raised ridges towards the tip of the shaft. The base is actually more of an oval shape, so it might work in the right harness, as long as the weight of the glass isn’t a problem.

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex Toy

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyThe shaft has a gentle curve, which is nicely shaped for G-spot stimulation. The ridges curve up along the underside of the shaft to meet at a point close to the top, adding some nice variation without being too much texture. This would be an ideal first glass toy or a great choice for those experienced with smooth glass who are curious about texture.

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyGlass as a sex toy material has a lot of advantages. It’s completely body-safe and hygienic, as it’s nonporous and can be boiled. Also great for temperature play, glass at room temperature feels cool to the skin, but can be warmed quickly with hot water or chilled even more in the refrigerator. Even with texture, glass has a slick surface, so it takes very little lube. Not to mention, glass sex toys are high-quality and usually very pretty.

The No 9 is no exception, and I really like it. It’s just the right size for when I feel like I need something inside of me, and glass being a solid material really gives me that sense of fullness. I also quite like it for external stimulation, as the ribbed head feels nice gliding across my skin. The curve is pretty subtle, but the firmness of the glass makes this one an effective G-spot toy if you like prodding and pressure. I tend to prefer soft toys for thrusting, but very slow and shallow thrusts with this one worked for me.

Topco Vida Zara G-Spot VibratorI requested the Vida Zara from Fascinations to review because it’s so sleek and pretty, and as should be pretty obvious by now, I’m always willing to try vibrating sex toys. Vida has several high-quality vibrators, but I was particularly drawn to the shape of this one since the bulbous tip is bent for G-spot stimulation, but it’s not a drastic curve.

I must admit, I totally overestimated Zara‘s size. I know the dimensions are listed on the product page, but for some reason I still have a hard time visualizing just how big or small something is. At just 6 1/2 inches long, with a little over 3 inches of insertable length, this compact little vibe is discreet and easily incorporated into partner play. The widest point on the tip is right around 1 1/2 inches in diameter, giving it a fairly modest girth of close to 4 inches.

Now, what I didn’t expect and was totally impressed with is the packaging. It is awesome! I hope all Vida vibes come in zippered leather cases. Actually, I don’t know if it’s real leather or not–it smells like it could be, but I’m not sure. Either way, I love it. It’s gorgeous and very discreet.

Vida Zara Storage CaseVida Zara Vibrator PackagingTopco Vida Zara Charger Cable
Inside its lovely black case, the Zara sits nestled in a really soft and spongy foam insert. Behind it is a narrow slot for the owner’s manual, which doubles as a product catalog. Lift out the insert to find the charger cable stored underneath. A very pretty travel/storage pouch is also included. I don’t know what kind of material it’s made from, but it’s nice and soft, with a nifty wee pocket and satiny ribbon ties.

Topco Vida Zara Sex Toy VibratorVida Zara Storage Pouch

As for the vibe itself, Zara is made from silicone and “anodized gun metal aluminum” so it’s nonporous and has the added benefit of being waterproof. The silicone has quite a bit of drag to it (so water-based lube only), and the fact that it attracts lint is very obvious by the dark color. There is a single, oval-shaped button located on the top of the handle that lights up when in use, and the motor has 5 speeds of constant vibration. Press the button to turn the vibe on and cycle through the settings, then just hold the button for a few seconds at any time to switch it off.

Topco Vida Zara G-Spot VibePerhaps the impressive packaging gave me unrealistic expectations for the performance of this vibe, but I must say that the vibrations themselves are somewhat underwhelming, and I really can’t tell that much difference in the intensity. The motor certainly gets louder and more high-pitched as you work your way through the speeds, but I don’t feel that much of an increase in strength. Also, the vibrations are a bit buzzy and can be felt all the way through the handle. Still, the Zara has the advantage of being very firm, so it’s really effective for applying pressure to the G-spot, with or without the power turned on.

I think this could be a great vibe, but it definitely needs a more powerful motor. Also, I love the Zara’s design, but I think the control button would have been more conveniently placed closer towards the bottom and on the underside of the handle. That way, I could more easily operate it with my thumb, but I think I’m just being nit-picky now, and it certainly wouldn’t look as good there. This would make an ideal present for anyone new to using sex toys, as it’s not the least bit intimidating and comes packaged ready for gift-giving.

An aphrodisiac cookbook

Front Cover

I’m a bit of a foodie, thanks to being influenced by some self-taught gourmets in my youth. When I saw that EdenFantasys.com had a cookbook I’ve been coveting ever since spying it at a friend’s house, I eagerly requested it for review.

InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge is not just another compilation of recipes elegantly packaged. This book contains recipes featuring foods that are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

InterCourses Back Cover

Back Cover

I actually received a copy of The New InterCourses, which is the revised and expanded 10th Anniversary edition, so while the front of my copy is similar to the original, the back cover is different.

The book starts off with a brief introduction and background information, which is really quite interesting. I normally skip over any preamble because I’m the type who wants to start drooling over the recipes as soon as possible, but this one is nice and short, as well as entertaining.

There are 19 chapters, each focusing on a different aphrodisiac, complete with a little background history as to why or how the food is believed to be capable of igniting passion, as well as gorgeous photographs of models wearing the featured ingredient.

While technically they’re nude, the food covers up the necessary body parts, so it’s all very artistic and tastefully done. I think the chapter covering booze has my favorite picture. I love this shot.

The New InterCourses features some ingredients that I never would have considered aphrodisiacs, like asparagus, artichokes, and black beans. Of course, the usual suspects are here: oysters, strawberries, chocolate, grapes, etc. The recipes vary in complexity quite a bit, from the quick and easy to those requiring more time and culinary skills.

InterCourses Ginger Chapter PhotoI suppose this is good in a way, as there’s something for everyone. There is also a resources section, which is very helpful, an aphrodisiac usage guide offering suggestions on how and when to use what, a page on making massage oils and salt scrubs, and an index. Yay! I love books with indexes.

So far, I’ve made three of the recipes, all with good results. The Chocolate Torte with Strawberries didn’t last long enough for me to even get a picture of it, but here’s the Cozy Vegetable Korma (my first effort at Indian cookery).

I also made the Chocolate-Almond truffles, which were the easiest truffles I’ve ever made, and these awesome delights are dairy free. I’m going to try the recipe with hazelnuts next time.

I quite like this cookbook, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more of the recipes, but I do think InterCourses is geared more for those who prefer to eat, think about, and look at pictures of food rather than those of us who enjoy cooking it. The reason I say this is because there are NO photos of the actual completed recipes.

While I don’t necessarily expect a full-color glossy of each dish in the book, a few here and there would be helpful as I like to know what I’m striving for. Also, there are no cook and prep time guidelines, which is another helpful element that’s missing. The recipes do list the yield, and quite a few of the recipes are scaled for 2-3 servings, which makes sense as they’re meant to be for a romantic evening of seduction, but others are family-sized.

If cooking isn’t really your thing, EdenFantasys.com has plenty of other offerings to get you in the mood. As an online adult toy store, they also have a wide selection of erotica and instructional books that are well worth checking out.



Fun Factory Kissable Love FluidFun Factory has come out with a line of products to “seduce you and all your senses” which includes a Kissable Love Fluid that’s available in yummy-sounding flavors like Chocolate, Coconut, Orange, Cranberry, and Strawberry. I’m a big fan of Fun Factory sex toys and always eager to try something new, so I’m glad Fascinations sent me a bottle of the cranberry flavored Kissable Love Fluid to try.

Flavored lubes and warming concoctions like this are an easy and fun way to add variety to couple play. Often lubes and massage oils can leave a bitter tasting residue on the skin, but the flavored products are meant to be easier on the tastebuds and usually smell nice too. Kissable Love Fluid is both flavored and has a warming effect. Just apply it to skin and gently blow to create a warming sensation.

I like to list what is in the lubes and personal care products I review because some people have sensitivities and need to avoid certain ingredients and chemicals. Kissable Love Fluid contains:

  • Propylene Glycol (moisturizer commonly used in cosmetics)
  • Glycerin (humectant and improves smoothness)
  • Aqua (water)
  • Hydroxypropylcellulose (a gelling and thickening agent derived from plant cells)
  • PEG-12 Dimethicone (emulsifier and foam builder commonly found in cosmetics)
  • Sodium Benzoate (preservative)
  • Potassium Sorbate (preservative)
  • Aroma (Flavor)
  • CI 16035 (Red 40)
  • CI42090 (Blue No.1)

Fun Factory Kissable Love Fluid PackagingThe packaging is a simple paperboard box with the pump-top bottle of Kissable Love Fluid on one side, and the bottle lid and information pamphlet on the other. The bottle itself is nice and discreet, with a design that would blend in with other personal care products.

Fun Factory Kissable Love FluidThe cover fits very snugly on the pump-top, so this may be okay to travel with, but I’d still seal it in a plastic bag. I assumed the pump top would disperse a spray, but instead the love fluid comes out in a 1/16 of a teaspoon, spurt. Yes, I measured it. I’m a bit of a geek that way.

I suppose this makes sense if you’re going to be using it on the genitals, as all you need is a tiny amount, and a pump top is very convenient. But to use more like a massage oil, it takes to long to pump enough out, so I just unscrew the cap and carefully pour it

Fun Factory Kissable Love Fluid ReviewI’m sure my bottle of cranberry-flavored Kissable Love Fluid is meant to smell like cranberries, but to me it smells more like a cross between fruit punch and cough syrup. That doesn’t top my list of arousing scents, but fortunately the fragrance isn’t strong.

The consistency is similar to thin maple syrup, so it can drip and get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun. I would be careful though, as it’s a bright red color that may stain.

Taste-wise, it’s pretty nasty if you stick your finger in it and have a lick. It tastes as it smells, like cough syrup. However, tasting residual love fluid that has already been applied to skin is much better. The taste is more subtle and closer to fruity, and while I wouldn’t call it delicious, it’s not wholly unpleasant.

Once applied to skin, gently blowing on the love fluid creates a mild warming sensation. This can be used to enhance massage or to heighten arousal, as the blood flow will already be increased in the genitals and other erogenous zones.

Since this product contains glycerin, I don’t use it on my genitals, but I use it to enjoy warm, tingly sensations elsewhere. I expected this stuff to be a yucky, sticky mess, but it’s really not. As it gets worked into the skin and dries there is some residue, but it just feels dry, not tacky or greasy, and it rinses off fairly easily.