Silicone dildo with a long contoured shaft and angled, rounded tip.I don’t have very many non-vibrating sex toys. Well, not when compared to the number of motorized devices I have. Nearly all of my dildos are glass or metal, the Handmaiden G-Spot Thrill being the only silicone one I’ve reviewed so far. The Ophoria Beyond No. 3 caught my eye because of its design. By now I have a pretty good idea what sorts of shapes and designs are likely to work well for me, and I’m always up for trying slight variations. Just to make sure.

Ophoria Beyond No. 3 has a nicely rounded, bulbous head, a curve very similar to my beloved Icicles No. 21, and subtle texture on the underside of said curve. It’s also very ergonomically designed, with a long handle sporting a finger hole at the end, which is handy because smooth silicone can get slippery when lubed up.


Packaged in a plain white box with a clear plastic window, Beyond No. 3 is held in place by a molded plastic tray and comes with a little product brochure. I recycled all that and keep mine stored in a plastic bag. Because it’s silicone, it would rather not touch other silicone toys, and please remember to stick with water-based lube.


I found Beyond No.3 to be very effective for G-spot stimulation. The silicone is pretty firm, yet it still has some give and a little bit of surface yield. This means I’m able to put a fairly decent amount of pressure on my G-spot, while still enjoying some flexibility. I can have the head consistently press against my G-spot, while bringing the handle back against me for some external stimulation. In this position, I can prod, rock, grind, and even do some gentle thrusting. I don’t know if the wee dot down around the base of the shaft is meant to hit the clitoris for some pinpoint stimulation (and if not, then why is it there?), but it totally misses mine.

Oh, and the ridges? I love them when I can feel them. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes I notice the texture more than others. I guess it depends on how everything is positioned and what my body is responding to that day or something, but I love it when the bottom ridge lands right around my vaginal opening, as it gives me a soft nudging sensation.

I do have some bad news, though. This dildo has a very prominent seam running down the entire length on both sides. I know, these things are molded or whatever and I suppose seams are inevitable. But this one is really obvious. I can feel the seam while I’m using this toy, which is at times irritating and often distracting, and that keeps me from wanting to use it. Which sucks, because Beyond No. 3 is awesome in every other way. Too bad.

Oh, and technically you could turn this into a vibrating toy. If you have a powerful bullet that will fit in the finger whole, give it a try and see how well the vibrations travel through the silicone.