On Natural Arousal Oil For Her uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe, natural arousal effect unlike any other.There’s one type of product I don’t typically review, and that’s arousal enhancement gels, ointments, creams, and other concoctions. These sort of things generally don’t appeal to me. Usually they contain glycerin, which I try to steer clear of, and some other ingredient(s) that are basically irritants.

They work by stimulating blood flow, thereby engorging whatever area you apply them to. I don’t like the idea or putting irritants on my genitals. Also, often products like this are garishly packaged, and that puts me off.

On some level I almost resent how arousal products are marketed. The assumption seems to be that women are so frigid that they have to rub chemicals on their clit to get aroused. Um, no. Maybe they just need more and/or better foreplay, because simply rubbing the clitoris will usually get its attention, without any kind of arousal product. Honestly, I see these things more as novelties: something new to try if you want to add some fun and variety to sex, but otherwise superfluous.

But then I caught a glimpse of On 4 Her, which is an arousal oil for women. I first saw it when I made a pilgrimage to the closest quality adult store to me. Sitting on the counter by the cash register, in a classy little point-of-sale display, was a collection of tiny black boxes, all with shiny silver lettering and the word “on” printed on the front. Curious, I picked one up and read the fine print (because that’s all that will fit on a box this small).

And that’s when I began to rethink my preconceived notions about arousal enhancement products. Obviously not all come in tacky packaging, and how would I know they’re just a marketing scam to trick women into touching themselves when I’ve never actually used any of them? As a sex toy reviewer, I should have more of an open mind about these things.

I was intrigued enough by those little black boxes to briefly consider buying a bottle on On 4 Her. But then I remembered that I really don’t like to pay for things and avoid having to do so whenever possible. Instead, I added it to my running list of items I want to try, so that if/when I see them offered for review I can request them. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait long because EdenFantasys.com recently sent me some. The tiny .17 oz bottle is discreet, travel-friendly, and contains up to 50 applications.


On 4 Her is a natural and menthol free arousal oil made from Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Cassia, Natural Tocopherols (that’s Vitamin E), silica (often used in cosmetics to increase viscosity),  Phenoxyethanol (a preservative), Ethylhexyglecerin (preservative and skin conditioning agent–often used instead of parabens), and Rosemary oil extract. You can really smell the rosemary, which I think is awesome. I love the smell of rosemary–in the morning or any time.

Inside the box is very detailed product information and use instructions printed on a slip of paper. I almost didn’t see it, due to the way it was folded and tucked into a corner of the box. Click the pictures below for a bigger view.

This stuff is super easy to use. Just apply one or two drops to your clitoris, and within a couple of minutes you should feel a warm, tingling sensation. My sex drive fluctuates depending on where I am in my monthly cycle, so in order to really test the effectiveness of this arousal oil, I used it over the course of several weeks to see how my body responded. Here’s what I found out:

  • Leading up to and during ovulation, On 4 Her was extremely effective, but then that’s when my libido is as its highest anyway, so really no surprise there. During those days of high horniness, all I needed was just a drop applied in the near vicinity of my clitoris, and in 90 seconds I was ready to go. I didn’t even need to rub it in.
  • Post ovulation, when my sex drive was subsiding somewhat, I did need to rub the oil on my clitoris for a few seconds, and usually I would apply two drops. It was still effective but wasn’t so much of an “instant on”for me during those days.
  • A few times I was just not in the mood due to stress, fatigue, or whatever else I had going on in my life that was hindering my ability to get turned on. On 4 Her still produced a warm, tingly sensation on my clit, which helped get me more in the mood, but I also required quite a bit of foreplay.
  • My only negative experience with this product was when I applied it soon after shaving. Bad idea! The warm tingling turned into painful burning. On 4 Her is oil based, so even after washing it off I could still feel residual burning. Lesson learned there.

As with any personal care product, experience and effectiveness and will vary by individual because we all have different body chemistry. While I’m glad I got to try it, I don’t think On 4 Her is something I’ll use all the time or with any great regularity. Rather, I see this as a helpful product to use during times when I feel my libido flagging or as a great tool for making the most out of quickies.