Vibrating Makeup Brush ReviewWell, I don’t think you can get any more discreet than this! Pipedream makes a vibrating makeup brush that is perfect for travel or just keeping on hand in your makeup bag or purse.

The Mini-Max Vibrating Makeup Brush comes packaged in a discreet black box, pictured above. It takes three LR44 watch-style batteries, and they are included, which is nice since that’s probably not a battery size most people keep on hand.

The brush’s handle measures close to 3 inches long, with a total length of 4 inches including the bristles. At only around 3/4 of an inch in diameter, it’s small enough to fit just about anywhere. The base is a screw-off battery compartment cap with a dial on the end to turn the vibration on and control the speed. The grated texture around the edge of the control dial makes it easy to grip and turn, but I tend to inadvertently turn the vibration on whenever I replace the cap. Luckily though, this is not a problem as the motor is very quiet. Even at top speed it’s barely audible unless you hold the makeup brush close to your ears.

Like most toys with a dial control, the vibration intensity increases gradually as you turn the dial. There isn’t a lot of range between the lowest and highest speed, and the vibrations are slightly buzzy. The vibration can be felt all along the plastic handle, especially at the smooth part just under the brush. It also travels through the bristles, making this an awesome toy for tickling and teasing. Since this vibe is waterproof, cleaning it is easy with antibacterial soap and warm water or toy cleaner, and storage is no problem.

The Mini-Max Makeup Brush is an ideal product for those new to sex toys and anyone who needs something discreet that can be used for just about anything, from solo play to couple play. The vibrating bristles feel good just about anywhere, so this is a great toy for gentle, all-over body stimulation for relaxation or to jump-start foreplay. For me, the handle isn’t comfortably insertable since the battery compartment cap is squared off and has the raised ridges all around the control dial, but the handle can easily be positioned to stimulate the clitoris and labia.

This vibe would benefit from having more power. Boosting the vibration intensity would create more of a range between the slowest and fasted speed. Also, it would be nice if the handle was insertable, either by rounding off the cap so it’s smooth, or by having the option to remove the brush bristles to reveal an insertable tip underneath. But all in all, I think it’s a fun little gadget to have around.

Oh, and did I mention that it actually works very well as a makeup brush? It’s great for applying powder foundation or blush. It’s similar to a kabuki brush, only a bit smaller and the bristles are more tightly packed together.

In the time since I first reviewed this product, Pipedream has a come out with newer model of the vibrating makeup brush: Vibrating Mini Makeup Brush.