Small and discreet silicone vibratorI used to have a Cupid Kiss. It was my first textured vibe, and I bought it on sale for around $20. It had something like 8 different patterns, was waterproof, and covered in soft TPR silicone with ridges. Unfortunately, it was a battery drainer, lint magnet, and quit working after only a few months. Not long after, I noticed that Fun Factory had a very similar product called Meany. As soon as I had enough points saved up, I got one.

Meany comes packaged in the typical Fun Factory box, with the flaps, windows, product map, instructions, product brochure, and lube sample. It’s made from silicone, and has thicker, more bulbous ridges than the Cupid Kiss, and is smaller in size, but it has the same surface squishiness.


The tip has a slight curve to it for hitting the G-spot, and I love how the ridges feel when thrusting. The back side of the vibe is smoother, so when using it for clitoral stimulation you can have texture or not, or switch between the two. Meany is not one of the Click ‘N Charge vibes, unfortunately, and I wish it was. It takes two AAA batteries, the vibrations are strong for a battery powered vibe. But I hate the battery compartment cap. It has to be positioned a certain way in order for the sides to match up, and I invariably screw it on the wrong way at least a few times before getting it right.


Meany is a nice handy size, but as is often the case with these smaller vibes, the lack of a handle means that my hand goes numb from the vibrations with extended use. The controls are the same as nearly all the other Fun Factory toys I have: press and hold the + button to turn the motor on, and keep pushing to increase the speed at constant vibration. The – button decreases the speed, or you can press and hold it to turn the motor off. When at max speed, press the + button again to switch over to the patterns: slow escalating, medium, and short sharp pulses. Hit the – button to go back to continuous vibration.


Fun Factory is by far my favorite sex toy manufacturer, and I have really good luck with their products. Perhaps it’s not so much luck, but more the fact that they consistently produce high-quality sex toys. Yes, Meany cost me more than Cupid Kiss, but so far it’s already lasted longer with more use. Sometimes opting for what seems to be the better deal ends up being a false economy, so I’m glad I held out for my Meany instead of wasting more money on another dud.