If you’re not sure whether you need lube or not, you most likely do. It’s a definite necessity when enjoying toys, but lube can improve pretty much every other aspect of you sex life as well. Now, everybody is different, and the type of lubricant needed varies depending on the situation and activity.

Since I’ve tried a lot of lubes, I’ve discovered that where I am in my monthly cycle can affect how well some lubes work on me. As my own vaginal fluid and body chemistry changes, occasionally I’ll notice slightly different results. This is why whenever I get a new product to review, I like to use it consistently for several weeks. Often a lube that I didn’t initially like will work better on me the following week, and sometimes I love a lube the first few times I use it, only to subsequently realize that I’m sensitive to something in it after I’ve used it for a couple of weeks.

My guidelines and standards regarding lube may not apply to everyone, but this is a brief overview.

Water based lubes are the safest bet for general use. They’re toy and condom compatible and wash off easily. I personally avoid any lube containing glycerin, so I read the ingredients carefully.

Waterbased lubricant without parabens and glycerin.A water-based ultra-moisturizing lubricant for the skin and safe for use with aloe vera to provide for non-greasy, non-staining lubrication.All natural, non-sticky, non-fragrant lubricating cream.Water based glycerin free lubricant formulated for women.All natural, water-based lubricant.
Warming lubricants are water based with added stimulating ingredients that also produce a warming sensation to augment blood flow and increase arousal.

Warming water base lubricant with added certified organic herbal extracts.Water-based warming lubricant.Unflavored water based female stimulation gel.Premium warming lubricant
Silicone based lubes are condom-safe and great for intercourse because they doesn’t dry out or go sticky, but they must not be used with silicone toys. Because silicone isn’t water soluble, these lubes are ideal for prolonged or underwater use, as they stays slick and won’t wash off, but using them may require a bit more clean up.

Premium silicone lubricantSilicone-based lubricant for women.Tasteless, odorless and long-lasting silicone based lube for anal or vaginal sex and it's great for masturbation as well.Silicone lubricantHypoallergenic silicone based lubricant.
Now there are primarily water-based lubes that include a small amount of silicone available. These hybrid formulas are the best of both worlds, providing the long lasting benefits of silicone with the easier clean up of water based lube.