LELO Siri Luxury Vibrator ReviewI used to have a Lelo Iris, which I enjoyed immensely. It was my first luxury sex toy, and I was sad when it quit working. But thanks to Lelo’s 10 year product guarantee I was able to return it and purchase a Siri for half price.

I chose the Siri because it’s a vibe I’ve been pining for wanted to try for a long time, and I was really curious to know how it compared to my other favorite clit vibes, Fun Factory’s LayaSpot and Je Joue’s MiMi.

I already posted photos of the outer packaging on Tumblr, so you can check them out there or in the video below. Basically, Siri comes in a very discreet black gift box encased in glossy red paperboard. Inside, the Siri is sealed in a blister pack.

LELO Siri Vibrator Packaging LELO Siri Vibrator Packaging

To open it, cut or tear off the top along the perforation. Which isn’t what I did. I tried to gently pry it apart. I don’t know why.

LELO Siri Vibrator Packaging LELO Siri Vibrator Packaging LELO Siri Packaging

Anyway, underneath is where you’ll find all the accessories. There’s a user’s manual (instructions printed in multiple languages), product warranty information, charger cable, and a satiny storage pouch. While it’s charging, the button controls will flash on and off. When the battery is fully charged, the buttons stay lit. It only takes a few hours to fully charge, and it lasts a long time between charges.

LELO Siri Vibrator and Swag LELO Siri Rechargeable Vibrator

Siri has a tapered tip covered in awesome velvety silicone, and it carries the powerful, rumbly vibrations from the motor very well. Siri is also a great size, because it’s small enough to fit nicely in my hand and not get in the way of other activities. The shape is a little different in that there’s a contoured bulge on the underside, and it works quite well for me.

LELO Siri Measurements LELO Siri Measurements

The control buttons are a squishy, clicky material, and because they have a different feel than the surrounding hard plastic they’re fairly easy to find and operate even with slippery fingers. The only trouble I have is thinking that my finger is on a button that it’s not actually pressing, which then causes the vibe to do something other than what I really want, but I’m sure with more use that will happen less. I do worry about lube and residue getting trapped in the spaces between the buttons and hard plastic, though, especially since this vibe isn’t waterproof.

LELO Siri Control ButtonsPress and hold the + button to turn the vibe on and increase the speed/vibration intensity. The – button slows the motor down and turns it off, and the up and down arrows navigate through the various settings.

There’s constant vibration, a busy signal pulse, a faster pulse, a revving/rollercoaster mode, a slightly different, shorter rev, and a setting whose pattern I can’t really define, but they’re all fun to play with, and you can change the vibration intensity on all of them. Considering how powerful and rumbly the vibrations are, Siri is deceptively quiet.

Here’s a quick rundown comparison of Siri, MiMi, and LayaSpot:

  • Both the Siri and Layaspot are ergonomically shaped with a contoured bulge on their undersides. I prefer Siri’s shape over LayaSpot’s. It’s more subtle and fits up against me better. The MiMi is smooth and symmetrical, with a flatter design that tapers more towards the tip, which is better for pinpoint stimulation, but it doesn’t nestle in between my labia the same way.
  • Siri (partially) and MiMi (entirely) are covered in soft, velvety silicone, and I personally think that feels better than the Layaspot’s smooth elastomer.
  • The controls are distinctly different on all three, and I prefer the two-button simplicity of the LayaSpot over the small (and tricky to operate with lubed up fingers ) buttons on MiMi. I like that Siri can be turned off quickly, but I often get confused which button is which and end up telling it to do something other than what I need. Also, as I mentioned before, the small gaps around the buttons worry me.
  • Siri and MiMi are more powerful and rumbly than the LayaSpot, and they have the added advantage of being rechargeable.
  • Siri has more vibration possibilities than the other two because the speed can be adjusted at each setting, but it’s not waterproof! Technically, neither is the LayaSpot, but at least it’s splashproof and therefore easy to clean.
  • I’m not one to do a lot of traveling, but the controls on Siri can be locked so the buttons don’t get bumped and accidentally turn the vibe on while it’s packed away. Also, Siri comes with a storage pouch, which is nice, but the opening isn’t big enough to allow the charger cable to fit inside. I don’t know why they wouldn’t make it so that you can store everything together in the same pouch.
  • Layaspot is the most economically priced at around $60, but it then requires ongoing battery purchases to power it. Considering Siri costs around $100, it really should be waterproof. I think MiMi is the best value for money, and you can typically find them for under $80.

If only I could amalgamate all three into the ideal clit vibe. I’d have Siri’s shape, power, vibrations, and lack of noise, Layaspot’s buttons–with the addition of an instant off option, and MiMi’s magnetic charger, waterproofness, and all-over velvety silicone. Somebody is working on that for me, right?