Rechargeable vibrator with 5 functions and 7 speedsI’m finally going to review the LELO Gigi. I’ve coveted this vibe ever since it hit the market, and I finally picked one up on sale somewhere months ago. But, I had pending reviews for products that I didn’t pay for to finish first, so I only just recently got around to testing this lovely little vibe.

Gigi is a highly effective G-spot sex toy. The head is very similar to a Starlet Toyfriend, only smaller, and the shaft is thinner with more of a curve. I love my Starlet, but I often thought it would be even better with a curved shaft, and Gigi allowed me to test this theory. Turns out, I was right.

The packaging is what you’d expect from LELO. There’s a thin purple box with a photo of the vibe on the back, and inside is the black LELO box with a lift-off lid and Gigi in a molded plastic tray. The charger cable, storage pouch, and owner’s manual are all underneath.


I must admit, I was surprised by how small Gigi is. I think I was expecting something closer to the size of a LELO Iris. However, as we all know, size isn’t everything. While Gigi isn’t going to necessarily give you a full sensation, the curve and shape of the head makes it great for targeting the G-spot.


The insertable portion of Gigi is silicone, and unlike my Iris which had a lot of skin drag and picked up dust and lint like there was no tomorrow, Gigi’s silicone has that lovely velvety surface that seems soft even though the shaft underneath is firm with no give. And the silicone is totally and completely seamless, which is proof it CAN be done. The handle is plastic, with a squishy silicone protective plug attached that keeps the charger hole covered.

The vibrations are controlled by buttons on a click wheel, which is similar to what I had on my Iris, only these buttons are much easier to operate. Simply press and hold the + button to turn the motor on and increase the vibration intensity. Push the – button to decrease the speed, or hold it to turn the power off.

Pressing the up arrow button at the top of the control pad takes you to the next vibration pattern, and pressing the down arrow at the bottom returns you to the previous setting. One thing I love about LELO vibes is that they have the option to increase the intensity of not just the constant vibration, but also the pulses and patterns. Here’s a quick rundown of the different vibration settings:

  • constant vibration
  • busy signal
  • short sharp
  • fast short sharp
  • escalating/revving pulse

Gigi’s motor is very quiet and powerful, with nice rumbly vibrations. Like other LELO products, this one is rechargeable (but not waterproof) and has a travel lock feature. While Gigi is charging, the light around the control wheel lights flashes. When it’s fully charged, around two hours later, the light stays lit. I can usually get a few uses out of one charge.

The light also comes on when you push the control pad, and when the battery starts to get low, the light will be red. I think this is super helpful, because nothing sucks more than not realizing your vibe is low on juice, only to have it run out during use.

Even though it’s firm, which means it’s great for applying pressure to the G-spot, I still enjoy thrusting action with Gigi because it’s not huge and heavy. While not specifically a clitoral vibe, there’s nothing to keep you from using it as such.

In fact, I would personally reach for Gigi over PicoBong’s Kiki even just for clitoral stimulation. The shapes are similar, and while Gigi is bigger, it’s not large enough to make using it during intercourse impossible, especially in rear-entry positions. Plus, it’s way more powerful. Gigi lived up to my expectations and was worth waiting for. Now, if only it was waterproof and had just a tad more girth, it would be perfect.