LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Good Vibes Sex ToyA company well known for its luxury sex toys, Lelo recently came out with a gorgeous line of silk restraints. I spend a great deal of time coveting Lelo products, so when GoodVibes.com offered the Etherea Cuffs for review, I readily requested them to try. Available in black, purple, and red, these cuffs are a great way to add a bit of class to light bondage play.

Lelo’s packaging is very discreet and stylish. There is a thin outer box, which has the company name and a subtle picture on the front, and some basic product information printed in several languages on the back. Inside is a black gift box. Lift off the lid to find the cuffs are wrapped in pretty paper.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex ToyLELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

The inside of each cuff is lined with silk which has a lovely floral pattern, and the outside is soft suede. They measure a little over 7 inches long, and taper in the middle so that their width varies from 2 to 2 3/8 inches.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

Each cuff slides freely along its own silk ribbon, which serve as the ties. The ribbons measure close to 43 1/2 inches long, so there is plenty of length to work with which allows these cuffs to be very adjustable and versatile. There’s nothing included to actually tie the ribbons to, so you can tie them to each other or something else.

LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy LELO Silk Cuffs Bondage Sex Toy

The soft silky interior means the cuffs are extremely comfortable. Seriously, they feel heavenly against my skin whether I have them tied around my wrists, ankles, or thighs, so they’re great for extended wear. Plus, they’re beauty makes them an awesome accessory. In fact, they look fabulous with a few lingerie pieces I have.

Because of the materials Lelo recommends dry cleaning the Etherea Cuffs. I try to be careful when I’m wearing these and not mess them up too much, especially on the suede side. I’ve so far had pretty good luck spot-cleaning the silk ribbons with a slightly damp cloth.

The Etherea Silk Cuffs exude the quality and class one expects from Lelo. The only issue I encountered was keeping them on. This is why I stated above that these are ideal for light bondage play, or those who think they may want to try being tied up without actually being restrained, as they’re easy to escape.

The first time I used mine, I tied the ribbons in pretty little bows around my wrists, and as soon as I started rolling around, the bows became loose and the cuffs fell off. I then tried double bows, which worked much better. Tying the ribbons in knots means they’ll stay on, but then the knots can get tight during the course of play and become tricky to untie.