The Touch by Leaf is an easy to hold easy to use silicone vibrator with rechargeable battery and multispeed vibrations.In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new line of luxury vibrators available called Leaf. These sex toys are eco-friendly, made from a gorgeous green silicone, and beautifully designed. They’re also equipped with PowerBullets, which are the same motors in the strong and rumbly Jopen Vanity vibrators.

Ever since learning about these fresh new Leaf Vibes early last summer, I’ve been eagerly anticipating their release, while at the same time trying to figure out a way to get my hands on at least one of them. Thankfully, the company decided to send some Leaf vibrators out to reviewers, and I received a Leaf Touch, which truly is a luxury adult product.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyLeaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyI totally love the packaging. It’s discreet, simple, elegant, recyclable, and it has an almost comforting earthy design. I could totally see these boxes gracing the shelves of Whole Foods’ body care department one day, and I seriously hope I do.

When you open the box you’re greeted with a little folder holding the user’s manual. Underneath that is the storage pouch, as well as the Leaf Touch vibe and charger cable which come individually sealed in plastic.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyCovered in silicone, Leaf Touch is firm everywhere except the side edges and tips, where there’s some slight give. This is a clitoral vibrator, and as such it’s discreetly sized, but the shape is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s fairly narrow, with a curve that reminds me of a banana, and it tapers off and comes to a point at each end. One is slightly wider than the other, but both are good for pinpoint stimulation.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyThe control button and charging cable port are located on the top, which is ergonomically dished out. The underside tapers to a gentle edge, allowing Leaf Touch to nestle in between my labia nicely.

Operating this vibe is a cinch. The raised control button is no trouble to find, and since it’s fairly soft it’s also easy to push. Just press the button to turn the motor on, push it again to turn the vibe off, and if you want to increase the vibration speed, press and hold the button and the power will keep going up until you let go or it reaches top speed. There aren’t any pulses or vibration patterns, and honestly, I don’t miss them.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyThe one thing I do miss with this vibe though is the rumbly power I was expecting. As much as I love everything else about this sex toy, I must admit I’m disappointed with its vibrations. They’re not nearly as strong as those of the Vanity Vr 6, and they’re even a bit buzzy, which really threw me for a loop because I figured it would have the same kind of rumbly vibrations.

So, while Leaf’s earthy and unpretentious approach is refreshing to see in the realm of luxury sex toys, more power would definitely be an improvement. At least with the Leaf Touch. Maybe the other Leaf vibes have more oomph, but this one is barely strong enough to get me off on its own. Luckily, Touch is small and easy enough to operate that it works well when used in conjunction with insertable sex toys or during intercourse.

Oh, and I have more pictures of the Leaf Touch, along with its packaging and other accessories posted on Photobucket. I linked to some of the photos, but I also put them all in a nifty slideshow. Feel free to take a look at them: Leaf Touch pictures.