Le Reve Dolphin VibratorPipedream kindly sent me a Le Reve Dolphin to try, and I was thrilled to receive it. I reviewed the Le Reve Massager on EdenFantasys.com last summer, and the Dolphin is part of that same product line.

Instead of being hard plastic like my other Le Reve vibe, it has a soft and squishy shaft made from TPR. Also, Dolphin contains 2 motors: one that rotates the shaft, and another positioned towards the tip that vibrates.

Packaging is a black cardboard box with product pictures on all sides and basic information printed on the back, and inside there is a thin plastic insert that holds the vibe in place. I recycled the box and store my Dolphin in a zip-top plastic bag to keep it clean, as TPR attracts lint and dust.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Packaging Pipedream Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator

Le Reve Dolphin measures about 9 inches in total length, with a diameter of around 1 1/4 inches and close to a 4 1/4-inch girth. Above the metal ring is soft TPR, and the handle below is hard plastic.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Measurements

The shaft tapers at the tip into a shape that resembles a dolphin’s head. There are raises sections down either side, but they don’t really add any noticeable texture, and other than that the surface is smooth with the skin drag typical of TPR.
Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Shaft

The control pad is a soft button that lights up when the power is on. It has 3 separate sections, each marked by a raised icon, that operate the motors. The bottom controls the motor rotating the shaft, turning it on and cycling through the 4 speeds. The middle controls the vibrating tip, which has 3 pulse patterns and one setting of constant vibration, and the top shuts both motors off.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Control Button Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator Battery Compartment

I had a lot of fun test driving the different settings and experimenting with all the various combinations. I really love the rotating shaft, as it feels awesome when inserted and is also very effective for external stimulation, especially when the tip is also vibrating.

Le Reve Dolphin Vibrator DescriptionLe Reve Dolphin requires 4 AAA batteries, and the compartment lid just slides off–rather easily, in fact. The batteries are no trouble to install as they fit into one of those cartridge/holder things.

There isn’t an O ring or anything to make me confident that water won’t get into the battery compartment, though, so I don’t think this vibe is actually waterproof. I know the box says it’s waterproof. Maybe I’m wrong, and it really is.

But that’s fine. I don’t have to use this vibe under water. I have plenty of other toys that I know for a fact are waterproof that I can enjoy in the shower. I’m keeping this one dry.

Update: I was asked to test the waterproof factor and offered a replacement Dolphin if mine quit working after getting wet. Well folks, I can now confirm that this vibe is not waterproof. I only took it in the shower with me once, so I didn’t even immerse it in water, and it died within 24 hours. Water got all in the battery compartment; the lid just isn’t tight enough to form any kind of seal.