Joyballs Single Kegel Exercise ToyNever underestimate the importance of doing Kegel exercises, and there are plenty of toys available to help make working those pelvic floor muscles more fun. I recently tried the Joyballs Single from Joy Division, which is a hollow silicone ball with another, smaller ball inside that rattles around as the user moves about. There is a handy retrieval cord that is partially covered with the same silicone.

The Joyballs Single is spherical (unlike some other other Kegel balls that are more elliptically shaped), and measures a little over 4 1/4 inches in circumference. Packaged in a pretty silver box, it comes with a satiny silver storage pouch, instructions in many languages, and a sample packet of lube.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. Since the box is a very shiny metallic silver, I couldn’t figure out a way to take a picture of it without a reflection showing.

I’m currently reading Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot, and according to Deborah Sundahl, women with healthy pelvic floor muscles should be able to squeeze a banana in half. I’ve been afraid to even try, because I seriously doubt my PC muscle is that strong, so I decided to ramp up my Kegel exercises.

Joyballs Single Kegel Exercise ToyJoyballs Single Silicone On Retrieval Cord Ripped

Unfortunately, the silicone ripped where the string attaches to the ball after only 4 uses. This was very disappointing because I actually like the Joyballs Single better than my SmartBalls. I find it easier to keep in when I’m being active, and I think that’s because it fits me better.

I hope that this is a fluke and the one I received is faulty. I emailed the manufacturer, more than once, and when they finally did get back in tough with me they passed the buck and told me to contact the retailer. So nice to know they care about the quality of their product. Needless to say, I’m not impressed with this brand. My full review of the Joyballs Single is posted on the EdenFantasys website.