Icicles N0. 9 Glass DildoPipedream has some lovely glass toys in their Icicles product line, and I was lucky to get one for review. Well, actually, I received three of them, but I’m going to talk about the Icicles No. 9 first. It’s modestly-sized, with a slightly curved shape and a just a little bit of texture that is very inviting. It has a flat, round base, so it’s safe for all types of play and can stand up on its own.

The outer packaging is a cardboard box that has full-size photos of the No. 9 on the front and sides. Some product information and a close-up picture of the texture is on the back of the box. The front of the box flips open, and you can see the glass toy through a clear plastic window. Inside is the No. 9 in a molded foam insert, which slides out of the top of the box.

Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo PackagingIcicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyIcicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging Icicles No. 9 Glass Dildo Packaging

This clear glass dildo has a beautiful blue spiral in the center, and once I took it out of the foam I noticed a slightly iridescent finish to the surface. No. 9 measures almost 6 1/2 inches long, with a 1 1/4-inch diameter giving it nearly 4 inches in girth. The surface is smooth apart from the 3 raised ridges towards the tip of the shaft. The base is actually more of an oval shape, so it might work in the right harness, as long as the weight of the glass isn’t a problem.

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex Toy

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyThe shaft has a gentle curve, which is nicely shaped for G-spot stimulation. The ridges curve up along the underside of the shaft to meet at a point close to the top, adding some nice variation without being too much texture. This would be an ideal first glass toy or a great choice for those experienced with smooth glass who are curious about texture.

Icicles Glass Dildo Sex ToyGlass as a sex toy material has a lot of advantages. It’s completely body-safe and hygienic, as it’s nonporous and can be boiled. Also great for temperature play, glass at room temperature feels cool to the skin, but can be warmed quickly with hot water or chilled even more in the refrigerator. Even with texture, glass has a slick surface, so it takes very little lube. Not to mention, glass sex toys are high-quality and usually very pretty.

The No 9 is no exception, and I really like it. It’s just the right size for when I feel like I need something inside of me, and glass being a solid material really gives me that sense of fullness. I also quite like it for external stimulation, as the ribbed head feels nice gliding across my skin. The curve is pretty subtle, but the firmness of the glass makes this one an effective G-spot toy if you like prodding and pressure. I tend to prefer soft toys for thrusting, but very slow and shallow thrusts with this one worked for me.