Premium rechargeable silicone massager with multiple speeds and functionsJimmyjane is a luxury sex toy manufacturer, and in addition to vibrators their product line also includes massage stones, lotions, and candles. They’re responsible for the expensive “Form” massagers you may have heard of, as well as the Little Chroma vibes.

Ages ago, and by that I mean well over a year, after coveting anything Jimmyjane for a very long time, I finally had enough gift cards and reward points saved up to get one of their luxury vibes.

Back then they had not yet released the Form 4, so it wasn’t even an option, and I had read several reviews reporting glitches and other issues with the Form 2 and Form 3. Also, I was really wanting something more versatile than a clit vibe, so I opted to get the Form 6. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and it has two individually-controlled motors with many patterns and speeds. Finally, I was going to treat my lady bits to some real luxury! Or so I thought, but more on that later.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

The Form 6 comes packaged in just a simple cardboard box that has pictures of the vibe on the front and back. Inside is the Form 6, its storage case/charging box (wrapped in plastic), power cable, and owner’s manual.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Like some other luxury rechargeable toys, Form 6 charges magnetically. There’s  a metal band around the smaller, curved end that meets up with little contact points in the molded bed of the charger base. Let me just say I love this setup. The charger base is discreet and doubles nicely as a storage box. Not knowing any better, I opened it upside-down when I took the photos.

 Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

The charger cable plugs into the bottom of the box, where there’s an indention so it rests flush and allows the whole box to sit level. We’re treated to a light show when the Form 6 first starts charging, with all four lights flashing, and then two staying lit while it’s plugged in. When removing Form 6 from its base, the lights will also let you know how much of a charge the vibe has: all four lights will light up when it’s fully charged, three lights when mostly charged, etc.

Apparently, there’s no way to overcharge the vibe, so you could conceivably leave it plugged in all the time. Since the storage box is nice and discreet, I would have no problem leaving this out on my nightstand, ready to go whenever I needed it.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Unfortunately though, that’s not going to happen because I don’t like my Form 6 very much. The reason I took so long to get this review done is because I felt like I should totally love this vibe. For months I clung to the hope that something would magically change the next time I used it. But that never happened. Instead I kept getting increasingly frustrated with the thing.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

My main issue is with Form 6 is the buttons. Pretty much everything about them is wrong, from their placement to design. I can’t believe I didn’t even consider where the buttons are located when I chose this vibe. I mean, really. This is supposed to be a double-ended sex toy, so why would the manufacturer put the buttons on the end that’s apparently meant to be inserted? This means you have to remove the vibe in order to change settings.

But that issue is nothing compared to the challenge of actually finding and pushing the buttons. They’re merely little raised emblems on the shaft, and they’re very hard to press, especially with slippery fingers.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Basically, there are three buttons: a dot, a circle, and a squiggle mark, and they are very small. The dot controls the motor at the small end, the circle operates the motor at the larger end, and the squiggle changes the function. Pressing any button for two seconds turns the vibe on, and the lights will flash three times.

If any button is pushed for less than two seconds, the lights will still flash, but the motors won’t start. This is so it doesn’t get bumped and turned on accidentally. Considering that it lives inside its charging case I’m not so sure that would happen, even while traveling (because wouldn’t you travel with the case and cable too?) but it’s a thoughtful feature.

This is one of those vibes that remembers the power level and vibration setting from the last time it was used, and that’s where it starts when you turn it back on. There are five vibration speeds and six modes. Starting with constant vibration, hitting either the dot or circle increases the speed. Once the top speed is reached, pushing the button again turns that motor off. Push it to start the motor again at the lowest vibration intensity.

To move into the patterns, press the squiggle button. I love that the modes have names. There’s Oscillate, Reverberate, Thrum (that’s a new one on me, I had to look it up), Ripple, and Pulse, and the diagram below describes them better than I ever could. Notice that in some of these modes the motors are doing different things, and being able to adjust the intensity of each motor means there are plenty of stimulation options to play around with.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy patterns chart

If you ask me, it all gets rather complicated pretty quickly, and that’s on top of the trouble of finding and pressing the buttons. I’m fairly clumsy at the best of times, so I have no chance working these buttons with lubed-up fingers. The more I review sex toys, the more I appreciate user-friendly controls.

As for the vibrations themselves, the smaller end feels too buzzy. The other side is rumbly and more to my liking, but I expected a sex toy of this calibre to produce deep, powerful vibrations from both motors.

Another thing I don’t like about the Form 6 is its construction. The smaller end really isn’t something I enjoy inserting, even though it looks as though it might be good for G-spot stimulation, because of the metal band. The edges where it wraps around the silicone aren’t what I would call rough, but they’re not smooth either, and I don’t like the way that end feels inside me.

The larger end is no better. The shape doesn’t just not suit me, it’s actually uncomfortable. I’ve tried inserting it using different angles and positions, but it refuses to fit pleasurably inside me. There’s also an obvious seam, which was another disappointment.

It’s hard to accept that I could have bought two, if not three sex toys that I know I’d like–and have buttons I’d be able to press–for what I paid for this. I don’t care how cool the storage/charging box is, a good vibrator should be a pleasure to use, not an exercise in patience and frustration management.

Sadly, the Form 6 is a fail for me. The curved end’s metal band keeps me from wanting to insert it, and the vibrations are too buzzy for my clitoris. The larger end is fine for clitoral stimulation, if somewhat big, but the shape doesn’t work for me internally. Even though this is supposed to be a double-ended luxury vibrator, I can really only use it is as a clit vibe. So much for versatility.