Vibrating Makeup BrushLast summer I received a box of goodies from Pipedream to review. Included was a cute little makeup brush with a vibrating handle. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Who would suspect a makeup brush could have any illicit purpose? Well, I might, but my point is that it’s not something that would cause embarrassment if it fell out of your handbag or the security guys decided to search through your stuff at the airport.

I still think this is an awesome idea, and I see no reason why there couldn’t be a hairbrush with a vibrating handle for those of us who might like something with a bit more size. And oomph. This one runs on watch batteries (ugh, I’m starting to really hate watch batteries) and isn’t very powerful. It does have multiple speeds, thanks to the turn-dial control on the battery compartment cap, but even at the highest setting the vibrations aren’t that intense. A hairbrush handle would be bigger, allowing more room for larger batteries and a more powerful motor.

But, this isn’t a hairbrush, it’s a makeup brush, so as such I’ll just say that it’s a fun little gadget to have around. The vibrations actually do a pretty decent job of traveling through the brush bristles, so it can be used for foreplay, teasing, and tickling. I found clitoral stimulation to be a bit more tricky, since the brush kind of gets in the way if you hold it by the battery compartment cap. To remedy this, I would hold the brush by the bristles and press the smooth part of the handle against me, but the the battery compartment cap edges and ridges around the control dial weren’t always comfortable. Nor readily accessible, if I wanted to change speed.

I think having the brush part on the battery cap, allowing the rest of the handle to be smooth, would be an improvement in design. That way, a twist of the brush could control the speed. The bristles would hopefully still carry some of the vibrations, and the handle would have a more user-friendly and comfortable shape to use as a vibrator.

When the batteries died, I honestly couldn’t be bothered to replace them, so I started using my Mini-Max brush to apply makeup. It worked pretty well for a while, but after I washed it a few times I noticed it shedding quite a bit, so now I primarily use it to dust the keyboard on my laptop.