Small egg vibrator in the shape of hummingbird.Babeland originally sent me this sex toy to review, and they called it a Blue Bird Bullet. But according to the packaging and other adult toy stores, it’s actually Sophia’s Fluttering Hummer. Personally, I prefer the name Blue Bird Bullet.

This was one of–if not the–first bullet I reviewed after I started this blog. I reviewed quite a few bullets that summer. I was trying to get my hands on as many sex toys as possible so I could post lots of reviews, and back then I recall really liking this little vibe. It’s different to the typical hard plastic bullet–I mean, it IS essentially just a hard plastic bullet, but it’s encased in a bird-shaped sleeve.

Soft squishy material like this, especially any long, thin appendages, tends to flutter when vibration travels through it. The tip of the nose/beak on this bird is capable of some intense pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The wings spread out nicely to stimulate the labia, and if all else fails, you can flip the bird over and use its back as a regular bullet. Well, one that’s covered with a squishy sleeve, that is.

As other bullets and vibrators arrived to be played with and reviewed, my Blue Bird Bullet got stashed away with a few other toys that weren’t frequent flyers. When I do a sex toy cull I have three piles: use, store, and tear up. This bullet has been in storage since the first round of What’s Inside Wednesday posts, so I knew I needed to dig it out and see if it’s worth keeping.

Turns out it’s not, so the next time I have a sex toy demolition party, this one will be first up on the chopping block. But to be useful, and fair, I should tell you why.

  • The material is a lint magnet and has a lot of skin drag. I understood the bird to be made from TPR, but on some websites it’s listed as jelly. Either way, it’s certainly not my material of choice.
  • This thing is a bastard to clean and keep clean. Everything sticks to the surface, and thanks to the wire connecting the bird with its battery pack, Blue Bird Bullet isn’t waterproof.
  • I said in my original review this vibe was powerful, and I’m sure back then I thought it was. It’s strong enough to get the job done, but I was underwhelmed when I played with it recently. Except for the tip of the beak on my clit. That’s intense. But My We-Vibe Touch can do that, as well as be waterproof, more powerful, and rechargeable.
  • I’ve become a sex toy snob. Seriously. I’m to the point where I really don’t want to have to keep buying batteries to run cheap sticky toys when I have rechargeable vibes I like much more.
  • I need the storage space back. Okay, this little bullet doesn’t take up that much room, but it’s still “adult novelty” junk, and I’d rather have, say… a We-Vibe Tango or maybe even a Fun Factory Yooo in its place.

I can’t wait to tear this one up.