FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyI don’t usually review sex toys for men. Because I’m female, I lack the required anatomy, and it’s tricky to talk about a product when I have no firsthand experience using it. However, there is a totally unique new sexual enhancement product on the market now, and this one is for the guys. It’s not a masturbation toy, cock ring, or like anything else I’ve seen before.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyCalled the FleshWrap, this is the innovation of Ntimate, a company that has other male sex toys in their product catalog. One of their reps contacted me not too long ago looking for reviewers, and while I can’t tell you if FleshWrap is tricky to put on or how comfortable it is to wear, I can at least give you some product specs and details. It’s basically a bracket that clasps around the testicles and is held in place by a crossbar. According to the website:

FleshWrap is an oval shaped frame and a small crossbar that gently bind and stretch the scrotum and testicles upward and forward from the body, lifting the scrotum up along the underside of the penis. The result is a whole mix of astonishing new feelings of pleasure during sex.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyThese come in simple clamshell plastic packaging and include 2 sizes of brackets and crossbars, so there is some adjustability and 4 possible size combinations. There are also two different sets to choose from: in the standard set everything is plastic, but the premium set comes with metal crossbars.

The use instructions are printed on the back, with a handy diagram to show you how it’s supposed to go on. Starting out with the largest frame and smallest crossbar is recommended, and then the user can work up to the smaller frame and/or larger crossbar if desired. Obviously, use common sense and pay attention to your body. Because FleshWrap works by constricting the genitals, if you notice numbing or pain take it off.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyBut what I really want to know is, what’s in this for me? Cock rings work by restricting circulation, hopefully resulting in a longer-lasting, more prominent erection, which is a bonus for both partners, and many of them have little vibrating bullets that can add more stimulation for the receiving partner. Well, apparently FleshWrap increases the partner’s pleasure as well, producing similar effects as a cock ring plus scrotal repositioning that allows the testicles rub up against the receiving partner. Again, quoting from the website:

Any sex rubs your penis. With FleshWrap sex also rubs your scrotum, stimulates your testicles, presses your scrotum skin against your partner, hand, or masturbation toy, presses and massages the perineum area behind your scrotum, and tugs the skin at the base of your penis creating a natural cockring-like pressure boost in your erection. All of this happens simultaneously.

Curious to know just how this thing gets put on, I played around with fitting it on to the only realistic dildo I have (none of my other sex toys have balls). Plus, I lacked a willing model for this. If you want to see more graphic photos of what this looks like on a real penis there are some posted on the company’s home page (in the sidebar, scroll down). There is also a video demonstrating the FleshWrap, using what looks like a packer dildo posted on the Ntimate company blog.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super Sex Toy Dildo FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy

While I can’t give you any firsthand reports on how this contraption performs, I know people who can. Alan and Michele also received a FleshWrap to review, and I highly recommend reading what they have to say about it. It sounds like there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting it fitted, but I think with something like this that’s to be expected.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy

Did I mention that FleshWrap has been nominated for an AVN award in the Best Sex Toy for Men category? Oh, and I’m nosy, so I had a look at some of the other sex toys for men in the Ntimate product line. Their JackStrap looks like a totally new take on male masturbation aids.