FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyProducts like vibrating cock rings are often recommended for couples seeking to add novelty and a little something different to their sex lives. Nowadays you can even find them in pharmacies hanging by the condoms and lube. Those are just cheap, single-use cock rings, but they’re readily available, affordable, and for some people a nice introduction to sex toys.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyThe trouble with them is, they only work in positions where the woman’s clitoris has a chance of making contact with the vibrating part of the cock ring, such as missionary. Even then, as a man thrusts the vibrating part gets pulled back and often completely loses contact with the woman’s clitoris.

That’s why I personally prefer to use a hand-held vibe on my clit during intercourse over my partner wearing a vibrating cock ring. Unfortunately, that too has its limitations, as it leaves me with only one hand free (or neither hand if I’m using a bullet with a remote). But now there’s an interesting new product available that just might be the ideal solution. It’s called the FixSation, and it’s a totally different kind of panty vibe.

In fact, it’s really more of a strap-on clitoral stimulator than panty vibe, and while ingenious, it’s perfectly logical: Secure the vibrator in place so the woman can receive consistent, hands-free clitoral stimulation during intercourse and while in any sexual position.

The FixSation comes elegantly packaged in a discreet black box. Turn it over, and there are illustrations on the back that give the product away, but it’s all very tastefully done. Inside is a tray holding the vibe, charging cable (yes, this is rechargeable, yay!), and storage bag. The “Panty Companion” is size-specific and packaged separately.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy
Also inside the box is a card containing the use and care instructions. Pay special attention to the battery charging times. I accidentally left mine charging for longer than twelve hours, and so far everything seems fine, but I don’t want to risk making the same mistake again and frying the vibe’s battery.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyFixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy
The vibe itself is discreetly sized and shaped to fit comfortably between bodies. On the top of the vibe, which is also the male side as it’s on the outside when worn, there’s the control button, FixSation logo, and some slightly raised ridges to add texture. This truly is a couples’ vibrator, as it’s supposed to stimulate him, too. At least while you’re in missionary or some other position that allows the male side of the vibe to come into contact with your partner. It’s obviously not going to do much for him while in doggy or other rear-entry positions.

Underneath, aka the female side, there’s a subtle bulge towards the bottom to target the clitoris and labia, and it also has a some texture in the way of three larger ridges that feel a little more giving than those on the male side. I’m not sure what the FixSation vibe is made out of, but it’s a very lightweight and, according to the product information, phthalates-free medical grade material. To me, the surface feels similar to velvet cote plastic, except the ridges on the female side have that slight give, which makes me think it might be some kind of silicone or similar.
The Panty Companion holds the vibe in place with thin, elastic straps attached to a comfy, stretchy waistband. There’s no crotch or anything to interfere with penetration, which is great since this is meant to be worn during sex, and it really works. Nothing gets in the way.
The straps thread through little channels on either side of the vibe, and then hook onto the back of the waistband. It took me a few tries to get the whole thing assembled correctly, with the right side of the vibe facing up and out, and then putting it on the first time I got the whole thing twisted and tangled and had to start over. But in the end I got it all figured out. To turn the motor on, hold the button for a few seconds. Press the button for one second to change settings (there are three speeds of constant vibration), or push and hold the button for a few seconds to turn the vibe off.

Since the button is located at the top of the male side, it’s easy to find and access when needed, which is important. I’m also impressed by how well the Panty Companion holds the vibe in place. Having never tried anything like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I imagined the panties getting all shifted around and having to frequently readjust the vibe’s position, but it stays put.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant idea, but in my opinion FixSation would be improved with a more powerful motor that also has more variance of vibration intensity between the three speeds. As it is now, the vibrations start out fairly weak, and I can barely distinguish any increase in vibration strength as I move up through the other two speeds.

Also, the shape may not work for those who require more pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and there’s no way to adjust how tight the vibe is strapped to the user. This means I don’t have a completely hands-free experience while using this vibe, as I still need to press it firmly against me so that I can feel the vibrations better. I hope the company decides to make a more powerful version of the FixSation, and maybe even come out with other shape options, but in the meantime, I’ll continue playing around with this one.

Thank you, FixSation for sending me your product to review!