Plastic Kegel exercise ballsNot long after my Joyballs Single incident, I decided to try other sex toys designed to strengthen the PC muscles. I found a very affordable option in the Duotone Orgasm Ballsfrom California Exotics. As is the case with most Kegel exerciser balls, these are hollow with a smaller, weighted ball inside.

But unlike the silicone and elastomer vaginal balls I’ve previously used, these are made from hard plastic and connected by a nylon string. Their smooth surface has a two-tone marbled pattern, and they’re available in either pink and white or purple and white.

When the string is stretched out straight, the total length measures 8 inches, with 3 inches of fixed string in between the balls. I admit that I was a bit surprised when I discovered that the bottom ball doesn’t slide freely along the string, but when inserted the balls easily push up against each other, so I don’t even notice the spare string in between.

Duotone Orgasm Balls Packaging Front

Front of Packaging

Underneath the bottom ball, the nylon string forms a 2 1/4 inch loop for easy removal.  Each ball has a diameter of about 1 1/4 inches, making their girth around 4 1/4 inches, and when the balls are pushed together they measure close to 3 inches long. Around the middle of each ball is a visible seam, but I honestly can’t feel it when I’m wearing them.

The packaging is very minimal. It’s just an easy-to-open, clear plastic clamshell, with a paper insert backing that has some basic product information on it. It could be used for storage, but it takes up more space than just keeping the balls in a plastic bag.

Since these balls are hard plastic, they’re easy to clean with just soap and water or toy cleaner. My one gripe is that the nylon string takes a while to dry. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially when using the bathroom. I have no trouble keeping these in while urinating, but feeling the wet string against me afterwards is rather unpleasant, and there may be some associated hygiene concerns.

Doutone Orgasm Balls Packaging

Back of Packaging

As far as wearing them, hard plastic is a lot slicker than materials like silicone or elastomer that have surface drag. This means I can easily insert them without any lube, but I have to work a little harder at keeping them in since smooth plastic doesn’t have any grip. Lube could possibly make them too slippery to keep inserted, as they might easily slide right back out again.

The little balls inside really do rattle around, making more noise than other Kegel balls I’ve tried, and they’re clearly audible at times when I’m wearing them, depending on their position inside of me and how I’m moving. This means I can’t really use them discreetly, so I won’t be wearing these out in public.

Now, I will say that I get more sensation from these than any other Kegel balls I’ve used so far, but for the noise they make it seems like I should feel them eve more. If that makes any sense. But considering they only cost around $8 a pair, I’m not expecting premium materials or upscale quality.

All in all, they’re fairly comfortable, so these are great to wear around the house for a few hours, and they do provide noticeable stimulation while working the PC muscles. Since they’re so affordable and easy to use, these would be ideal for those new to Kegel balls, or sex toys in general for that matter. I posted a video tour over at, and they currently sell the Duotone Orgasm Balls for $7.99.