Fully reversible lace overlay and satin corset with removable shoulder and garter straps, front hook and eye closure, lace-up back, matching thong and stockings.Over the past few months EdenFantasys.com has been adding a lot of new lingerie, and I was lucky enough to receive a Dreamgirl Reversible Blue Corset to review. This is actually a set consisting of the reversible corset, thong, AND thigh highs. Lingerie doesn’t always come with hosiery, so that’s definitely a bonus.

Like other lingerie I’ve reviewed from EdenFantasys, there’s no real packaging. The whole set comes wrapped in pink tissue paper, with the thigh highs sealed up in plastic and the stockings, thong, and tag are attached to the corset with plastic hang tags.

blue reversible corsetMade from polyester, this corset is a solid shiny blue with black trim on one side, and a black lace overlay covering the same shiny blue on the other side. The lace has an elegant embroidered kind of look to it, with embellished trim along the top and bottom of the corset.

All three pieces, the corset, thong, and stockings need to be hand washed in cold water and air dried. Frankly, this is a pain due to the lace overlay. My solution is to just be really careful and try not to get anything too dirty. At least the solid blue side is easier to clean.

blue side with measurements

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The corset consists of two panels joined together by hook-and-eye closures up the front and lace-up ties down the back. This means that it’s possible for me to put this on by myself, but I can’t really cinch it up without help.

However, trying to fasten the hooks and eyes while wearing the corset blue-side out is a fiddly and challenging process, because you’re having to hook them from the opposite side. Thanks to the ties, there is some adjustability as the laces can open, adding up to another 5 inches in the back. When wearing this blue-side out, you’ll need to either tie up the back first or rethread the laces so the bow is on the outside.

According to the description on the product web page, the boning in this corset is metal. I was actually rather surprised to read that, as I assumed it was plastic because it’s still flexible and lightweight. I also love that both the shoulder straps, which I didn’t even realize this corset had until it was in my possession, and garter straps are removable, so there are several different ways you can wear this.

I’m not a huge fan of the shoulder straps. They attach really close to the armpit, and I think having them positioned closer in towards my shoulder blades would be more comfortable.

when in doubt, use a pillow as a modelgarter strapsbe carefully taking off the gartersslightly damagedlace up ties in back

Please be careful when removing the straps, as the hooks easily get caught in the embroidery trim. Now that particular thread is pulled out of shape beyond repair. But, at least it’s down at the bottom and not that noticeable.

As for sizing, I got a 32 because that’s my bra band size. I’m somewhere between a B and C cup (depending on the bra), and I don’t quite have enough to fill the allowed space in this corset. There aren’t any defined cups or underwires, just extra fabric cut to accommodate a heaving bosom, or something. Which I don’t have, so my boobs aren’t spilling over the top when I wear this.

matching thongNot that I expected to look like the model or anything, and the corset is a flattering shape since the boning helps hold you in. The corset length was fine for my torso, and for once the matching thong actually fits me. It’s just too bad the crotch on this thong is a bit wider than usual, especially with this fabric. I hate having a thick wad of material up my butt crack.

Honestly, a garment is only truly reversible if you can actually wear it comfortably inside-out, and while I’m happy to suffer the corset’s lace against my body for a few hours, I doubt I’ll be snipping off the tag and wearing the thong solid-side out.