Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyI remember the first time I saw an Evolved Dream Maker rabbit vibe. It was many month ago at the local porn store, where they had a big display stand full of Evolved products. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular at the time, but I’d already tried a couple of Evolved toys and really liked them. The sales associate pointed out a pink Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit to me, raving on about how it had like 600+ functions.

Since said sales associate was a guy, I doubt he had any first hand experience using it, but maybe he just assumed a lone woman roaming around the sex toys section of an adult book store would want a pink rabbit.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyI didn’t buy that Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit, even though I was seriously curious about all the different functions, and back then I rarely encountered a dual stimulation vibe I didn’t like. Instead, I filed it away on my mental wish list and resolved to see if I could get one for free to review. As luck would have it, good things do come to those who wait, because included in my care package from Evolved was a Dream Maker vibe!

It wasn’t the pink Lunar Rabbit. Even better, it was a model I hadn’t seen before called the Nocturnal Emission. Aside from being purple, it also differs from the Lunar Rabbit in that it has spinning disks in place of rotating beads or pearls. That’s definitely something unique, and I love trying new stuff.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyJust so you know, there are actually 4 different Dream Makers. In addition to the 2 already mentioned, there’s a purple Heavenly Dolphin, which is similar to the Lunar Rabbit and has rotating beads, but the shaft curves towards the top. And then there’s the Night Cap, which is pink and has spinning disks like my Nocturnal Emission, but instead of having a tapered, slightly curved tip, it’s a more realistic phallic shape.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyI’m willing to bet all these Dream Makers come in the same metal box with a hinged plastic lid and metal clasp closure. I didn’t receive any user instructions in mine, apart from a card warning me to not bend the shaft. They’re also all covered with TPR, which is a phthalates free, and often squishy, material.

I did notice a slight plastic/chemical smell when I first opened my Nocturnal Emission, but after a few washings and some airing it dissipated for the most part. Also, these vibes are waterproof, so they’re shower/bath friendly and easy to clean, as well as compatible with water-based and silicone lube.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyAs it turns out, there aren’t over 600 functions, which is actually a relief because how in the world would I list them all?  But there are over 600 possible combinations of speeds and settings. Like most rabbit-style vibes, this one has 2 motors which are independently controlled. Both the clit bullet and shaft motor have 5 speeds within 5 vibration modes.

This means that the user can adjust the vibration intensity of each function, which is awesome, and each motor in and of itself has 25 different settings. Considering that you can mix and match what each motor is doing, that makes over 600 variations total (25 x 25 = 625).

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyThe best way to get an idea of the various settings is to watch the video posted below, but here’s a brief rundown of the shaft modes, in order: clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation, alternating rotation direction after every turn, alternating rotation direction after every half turn, and a pulse-like motion where the shaft moves in short bursts with very brief pauses in a clockwise direction.

The clitoral bullet has constant vibration, a busy signal pulse, a short sharp pulse, a pattern of 6 very short pulses followed by a long pulse, and an escalating vibration (this one is interesting because when the intensity peaks, the vibration remains constant for a few seconds before going back to escalating).

While all these options are great and a lot of fun to explore, they require more complicated controls to operate. Luckily, there is a separate power button right in the middle of the control pad, so no matter where you are in the cycle of settings, you have an instant off.

The pointy buttons on either side control the vibration speed–the ones on the right are for the shaft, and the left ones are for the clitoral stimulator. The top arrow/shark fin shaped buttons increase the speed, and the bottom ones decrease it. If either motor is running at its slowest speed, pressing the down button will turn it off.

The circular buttons change the function, and there are lights arranged in a star shape that illuminate and flash while the vibe is running, I suppose to indicate which setting or speed you’re using, but I haven’t really paid that much attention to them.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyWhen you press the power button to turn the vibe on, no matter which mode it was in when you last used it, both motors start out on the lowest vibration setting and first function (clockwise rotation for the shaft and constant vibration for the bunny).

It took me a while to figure all this out, and because the buttons are pretty small, plus I’m rather clumsy, it’s easy to push the wrong button. This can be frustrating depending where I am in my play session, but I typically stick with continuous vibrations and don’t mess around with patterns much. That keeps it simple for me.

Evolved Novelties Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyBoth of the motors have a lot of oomph, considering Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission runs on 4 AAA batteries. I don’t notice any decrease in the shaft’s power even when I’m clenching on it and have the bunny at full tilt. Which, by the way, I find to be too much for me. I’m perfectly happy with the bunny at speeds 1 through 3.

The battery compartment cap is flat, so this vibe can stand up on its own, and the batteries go in one of those slide-out cartridges so it’s easy to figure out which way to install them. The back of the handle has finger-sized grooves which I hoped would help with grip, but I honestly can’t tell that they make that much difference to me.

The rabbit shape just has a single ear, and I tend to prefer 2 ears (or multiple flappy bits) since I really like to feel them flutter around on my clitoris. But where the bunny attaches to the shaft is very bendy so you can really open up the angle if you need to. Neither the nose nor the ear hits me perfectly in just the right spot, but between them they come close enough to work for me.

I can’t say that I detect a huge difference in sensation with the spinning disks compared to beads, though. It does feel different, just not drastically so, and I’m unsure how to describe it. It’s almost wavelike, if you watch how they move around in the shaft.

Overall, the Nocturnal Emission is a very good rabbit vibe, and I rate it a 4 out of 5. If it was silicone and rechargeable I’d give it 5 stars. While the dimension might not be the perfect fit for me, they’re close enough to get the job done well, and I really like the shaft’s curved tip and the powerful motors. Thank you, Evolved Novelties for sending me one to review!