Denma Pinky Wand Massager Vibrator Sex Toy ReviewThe first compact wand-style massager I reviewed was the Denma Lady by Mode Design, makers of the Paris Style vibe and an impressive selection of male masturbation toys. I recently featured my Denma Lady, or what was left of it, in a What’s Inside Wednesday post because I broke the head off. I’ve mentioned before that I’m very clumsy, and I think I maybe enjoyed it a little too much the last time I used it.

Well, the nice people at sent me a Denma Pinky, which is a newer model, as a replacement. This one is also waterproof, but unlike the Denma Lady, Denma Pinky is rechargeable via USB, which is awesome because I love rechargeable vibes. Also, Denma Pinky doesn’t have any vibration patterns, but it does offer four speeds of constant vibration.

Denma Pinky Wand Massager Sex Toy Review Dimensions MeasurementsThe packaging is a thin plastic box, and nearly everything is written in Japanese, but it’s easy to figure this vibe out with no instructions. Inside the box is the vibe, charging cable, and a black storage pouch made from a thin, almost mesh-like fabric.

To charge it up, twist off the cap on the handle to expose the port where the charging cable plugs into the vibe. Then just connect the other end to your USB source of choice, and wait. The keypad turns red while it’s charging, and then after a while (I didn’t bother timing it) the light goes off, presumably when it’s fully charged.

To turn the Denma Pinky on, press and hold the power button a few seconds. This keeps it from accidentally getting bumped on when traveling or while being stored. The power button will light up, letting you know the power is on. To start the motor, just press the + button (now all buttons are lit up). To increase the speed, hit the + again, or to decrease speed press the – button. Pushing the power button turns the motor off.

Denma Pinky Wand Massager Vibrator Sex Toy ReviewThe vibrations aren’t very rumbly, but they’re not too buzzy, either. The slowest setting is great for getting things going, then I prefer the middle two speeds. At top speed the motor sounds more high-pitched and faster, while not feeling any stronger, if that makes sense. At the lower two speeds this vibe is fairly quiet, but the motor definitely becomes more audible at the higher settings.

Denma Pinky Wand Massager Vibrator Sex Toy ReviewThe neck on this vibe is just as bendy as the neck on Denma Lady, so this is a great choice for those who like a flexible head on their wand-style massages and don’t care about pulse patterns. Since I like to grind against my toys, I would definitely prefer a stiffer neck. Denma Pinky’s head is covered by a silky-smooth silicone sleeve, which feels awesome.

I really like the handy size, and I prefer the shape of Denma Pinky’s handle to the one on Denma Lady. It’s not as wide so it fits better in my hand, and a flat base means this vibe can stand up on its own. Also, I don’t feel the vibrations very much in the handle. This is definitely an advantage for those who don’t like numb hands, but the bendy neck means that I sometimes have to hold the head in place, and I can definitely feel the vibrations in my hand then.

As far as I know, Mode Design products are only available in the U.S. through Retailers and distributors interested in these sex toys should contact them for more information.