Multi-color double ended glass shaft with a smooth texture.I’ve been wanting to try glass sex toys for a while. Like, years, actually. But I was always a bit hesitant because most of them are expensive, and I wasn’t sure I’d like such a hard material. Plus, I’m a rather clumsy person and tend to drop things. Glass typically doesn’t respond well to being dropped. However, when some truly gorgeous glass toys came up for review at, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try one.

This is the Cyclone Wand from SSA Glass. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s certainly the prettiest sex toy in my collection thus far. And guess what? These toys are very affordable. They’re also made from Pyrex, which is less dense than regular glass so likely to break or shatter. WIN!

Glass has all the safety advantages of metal: nonporous, hygienic, durable, and sterilizable. The artistic designs, slick-smooth surface, and temperature play potential are also bonuses! If you’re interested in reading more about the Cyclone Wand and how I liked it, my full review is posted at, complete with video tour.