G-spot curved glass dildo with ribbed shaft.I’ve had a Bent Graduate in my possession for a while now. I bought it ages ago with EdenFantasys points, most likely while they had it on sale or there was a contributor coupon on the go. It was actually the second glass toy I acquired after the Cyclone Wand, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

At the time, I had yet to find my G-spot, and the reviews raved on about this toy and how it was such a fantastic G-spotter. But before I could even unpack it, other glass toys showed up that had to be reviewed first, so for months my poor Bent Graduate sat stashed away in my sex toy box, still bundled up in its original packaging, which is simply an oversized plastic clamshell tube, but at least it was cushioned by its padded storage pouch.

Bent Graduate PackagingBy the time I finally got around to testing my Bent Graduate, I’d already reviewed a few glass G-spot sex toys, including my beloved Icicles No. 21, so I knew I liked a curved shaft and bulbous tip, but Bent Graduate differs from the others in that it is double ended, has a more drastic bend, and is more modestly sized.

This would make an ideal first glass G-spot toy, because you get two very different types of stimulation. There’s the smooth, curved end with its teardrop shaped tip for targeting the G-spot, and the curve allows you to easily apply pressure. Alternatively, there’s the straight end, with three bulbous ridges for some cool texture that feel so good when they’re slowly sliding in and out.

Length-wise, it’s a just under 7 inches, and with a diameter of only 1 1/4 inches, the girth is a non-intimidating 4 inches. As is the case with all glass toys, this one is great for temperature play and compatible with all types of lube, and easy to care for. Just pay attention to the groves in between those ridges when cleaning. Residue loves to get caught in there.

Bent Graduate measurementsBent Graduate Tips

The curved end is very effective at stimulating the G-spot with pressure, by gentle prodding and using a rocking motion. But I must say that while the G-spot shape is what initially appealed to me, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like the straight end. Which I prefer on any given day depends on my mood. There are times when I start out with one, then move on to the other, and sometimes might even switch back again. At other times I stick with the same end, and on the rare days when I need a bit more size, the Bent Graduate is a great one to warm-up with before moving on to bigger toys.