Wahl 7-in1 Massager Vibrator ReviewBelieve it or not, I didn’t know such as thing as the Wahl electric massager even existed until I had already been reviewing sex toys for a few months. I’m no stranger to the Wahl brand, as I’ve used their clippers for years, and the company has been around forever. As it turns out, they were one of the first to come out with an electric vibrator. The history of women’s hysteria is actually quite fascinating.

So I’ve been curious about the Wahl for a while now, but I only recently received one from Babeland to review. The Wahl definitely looks more like a funky hairdryer or  household power tool than something I’d use to get off with. But then, according to the manufacturer, it’s really not meant to be used as a sex toy. In the owner’s manual under “Warning” it clearly states that the Wahl massager is not to be used on the genital areas. What?! There’s no fun in that.

Wahl 7-in1 Massager Vibrator ReviewOh, and also according to the instructions you’re not supposed to use the Wahl massager for longer than 20 minutes. Assuming these warnings are akin to the “for novelty only” CYA disclaimers printed on the boxes of lesser sex toys, the first place I put this thing was between my legs. And no way did I bother timing it.

The Wahl 7-in-1 comes in a thin cardboard box covered with pictures of the massager and attachments. It looks innocent enough, and it even comes with a product registration card and everything, like the hair clippers. Out of the box, the “General Body Attachment” is already on it, with the other 6 heads sealed in a plastic bag.

Wahl 7-in1 Massager Vibrator ReviewThe power cord is long enough to reach from the wall to the bed, thank goodness. One of the things that annoys me about using my Hitachi Magic Wand is the fact that I’m so closely tethered to the socket unless I can find an extension cord.

Another advantage Wahl has over the Hitachi is that it’s quiet. With some attachments it makes a bit of noise, depending on how I have the surfaces positioned against me, but the motor itself is virtually silent compared to the racket my Hitachi makes.

Wahl 7-in1 Massager Vibrator ReviewBut I’m guessing what you really want to know–at least, what I was itching to find out–is which massager is more powerful. Both have 2 speeds, and on low the Hitachi is definitely stronger, but on high the Wahl wins out. There is a larger variance in the power settings on the Wahl: its low is weaker than Hitachi’s low, and its high is stronger than top speed on the Hitachi. Or so it feels to me, at least.

Having said that, the vibrations feel different. Wahl’s low is almost a touch buzzy, but on high it’s like a heavy, throbbing jackhammer it’s so rumbly, whereas the Hitachi seems more rumbly on low speed and feels a bit more buzzy on high. While testing the Wahl, I’ve often found low to not be enough, but high borders on too much. More than once I’ve had to switch over to the Hitachi since both its speeds are more powerful than the Wahl on low.

For the record, I did try this massager on other body areas. Each of the 7 attachments has a different purpose and/or target, and since I try to be a thorough product reviewer I used them to massage their intended areas. And then I went back to trying them on my clit. Several times each, in fact, just to be sure. But not all at once, of course, since the Wahl is only supposed to be used for 20 minutes at a time.

The attachments are made from PVC, and I was rather surprised by how little give there is to them. The general all-body attachment looks like a suction cup, and I think that’s the one I generally prefer to use. There’s a also a flatter, more shallow disk resembling a suction cup that’s meant for facial massage. This one has a nice wide surface for grinding my clit against, but it felt dreadful on my face.

It’s a shame the Wahl isn’t supposed to be used on genitals, because I don’t enjoy using this tool as a massager on other body parts. The scalp attachment is a flat disk with raised spikes, and to me that didn’t feel at all pleasant–it was too strong and fast and made my teeth chatter, and I think the spikes are too firm. Both the deep muscle attachment and spot applicator have rounded tips, and I could see where they could have therapeutic use in working out muscle cramps and so forth, but they’re also great if you like pinpoint stimulation your clitoris.

The knuckle/joint attachment looks like a wide arrow point, and the muscle kneading attachment is a flat square with raised ridges. The top edge of the triangle is great for pinpoint vibration on the clitoris (or anywhere, for that matter), and then the flat sides can be used for more broad stimulation. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to enjoy the muscle kneading attachment yet, so I’m still a bit undecided about that one.

I don’t consider these attachments to be that much of an advantage because I only use a couple of them, and I honestly think I prefer the Hitachi’s big rounded head. Even if I totally loved the Wahl, I’d still need the Hitachi and Gee Whiz attachment in my sex toy arsenal, despite all the noise and awkwardness. I’m not so sure I need to have a Wahl, but I’m glad I do. I suppose I really need to get off my arse and review an Eroscillator already.

I probably sound flippant by disregarding the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for using this massager, but I hate imposing a time limit on my masturbation sessions. In all honesty though, you probably wouldn’t want to use the Wahl on your clit for much longer than 20 minutes anyway, especially at high speed. It’s powerful enough to get me off in a matter of seconds, and after several orgasms I do notice some desensitization, which is totally temporary.