Tantus G-Spot Silicone DildoUnlike some of the more seasoned sex toy reviewers, I don’t have that much experience with Tantus products. So far I’ve only reviewed the Little Secret Kiss and Elements Delta, but they were enough to make me realize I definitely needed to get more Tantus in my life.

Not long after I reviewed the Ophoria Beyond No. 3, I decided to get a Tantus G-Spot silicone dildo, so this is a sex toy I’ve actually had for quite a while. I chose it primarily because it has a curved, bulbous tip like the Beyond No. 3, only the Tantus G-Spot is totally seamless. See! It CAN be done! Oh, and mine is a lovely pearly purple color, for those of you who like pretty sex toys. Sadly, my photos don’t do it justice.

Tantus G-Spot Silicone Dildo MeasurementsI totally forgot to take pictures of the box, but packaging for this product is the same as the other two Tantus sex toys I have: a thin plastic box with product information printed on the back and sides. Inside the box, both the dildo and accompanying bullet vibe are held in place by a clear molded tray. Not really useful for storage, so I recycled the packaging and keep my G-Spot dildo in a plastic bag.

Obviously designed for G-spot stimulation (so it’s also aptly named), this dildo is actually rather versatile. It has a flat base, making it harness compatible and safe for anal play, but it’s too top heavy to easily stand up on its own. There’s also a hole in the base to accommodate a small bullet vibe, which is included and ready to go with the dreaded watch batteries that power it.

Tantus G-Spot Silicone Dildo SizeHonestly, the vibrations from the bullet are too weak to do much for me by the time they’ve traveled through the silicone, but there’s no law against finding a stronger bullet that will fit in the base and using that instead. Just don’t forget to put a little water-based lube on the bullet so it will be easy to remove later.

I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get a review posted, because I really do love this dildo. I first used it many, many months ago, and I’ve brought it out numerous times since then. It’s a great one for when I need to feel something inside me.

Like the Beyond No. 3, my Tantus G-Spot dildo just slips right into place, with the rounded head against my G-spot. While the silicone is too flexible for applying any kind of serious pressure there, the curved shape and bulbous head suit me very well, and it’s fantastic for thrusting.

Tantus G-Spot Silicone Dildo DimensionsAnother thing I like is the fairly prominent ridge or groove on the bottom half of the shaft. That’s about as far as I like to have this dildo inserted, and I can feel that ridge right around my vaginal opening as I thrust.

Also, since the silicone is nice and bendy, I can pull the base up against me and stimulate my vulva with the rest of the shaft. Or, I can keep the G-Spot dildo straight and use a clit vibe with it.

Tantus silicone is interesting because its surface has a silky kind of feel to it. There’s not much skin drag, yet for some reason I really go through the lube when using this dildo, regardless of the brand I’m using. Granted, it’s slightly larger than most of my insertable sex toys, and perhaps the friction from vigorous in-and-out thrusting just wipes the lube away. So far I’ve haven’t tried any textured Tantus toys, and now I really want to as I’m having a hard time imagining how ripples and nubs made from such smooth silicone feels.