Lady Calston Mini 4-Play Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyI unearthed my Lady Calston Mini 4-Play when I did that sex toy cull earlier this year. I remember winning this compact rabbit vibe in a giveaway, and being the fan of dual stimulators that I am, I really liked it. I hated that it took size N batteries, but for what it is, it does a good job, and thanks to the interchangeable clit stimulator tips, there’s a little variety.

But once I got my Fun Factory Bimini Flash, which is a very similar and far superior vibe, I didn’t use my Lady Calston anymore. Bimini Flash is rechargeable, so no hunting down N size batteries. Bimini Flash is also a compact rabbit-style vibe and waterproof, plus it’s made from silicone. Mini 4-Play is rubber or TPR or something that’s technically phthalate free but has mega skin drag and feels cheap. With no real reason to keep it, I decided to see what’s inside my Mini 4-Play.

The sheath covering the shaft slipped off easily enough, and it brought the wee bullet inside the bunny arm with it. My pliers weren’t long enough to reach down into the plastic handle, so I had to tear it up a bit first. There was a metal piece that was easy to remove, and then a screw that turned the control dial, but once I got it unscrewed the bottom of the handle popped off revealing a spring and wire.

Getting to the shaft motor wasn’t that hard, but it took me a few minutes to tear off the lid. Inside, the motor was wrapped in some kind of thin foam, and the wire was held in place by clear tape, of all things. Once I got the shaft motor unwrapped, I could really smell machine oil, so at least its gears were well lubricated. I had to snap off the wee nubby tip at the end of rotating stick/arm to remove a plastic cap covering the gears.

Lady Calston Mini 4-Play Rabbit Vibrator Sex ToyI tried getting the wee bullet motor out, but it was wedged too tightly in the casing. I gave up after breaking one of the small screwdrivers I was using in my attempt to pry it out. I couldn’t bear to part with the clit tips, though. They’re just too cute, especially the little bunny, so they’re now my pen/pencil toppers.

The Lady Calston Mini 4-Play is one of the cheapest rabbit-style vibes you can find, with currently selling it for $17.22. It’s not made from the nicest material, and you’ll soon spend more than the purchase price buying those freaking N size batteries,  but I had some good times (and orgasms) with it.

I posted more pictures on Photobucket, and the video below documents the dismantling.