Nearly two years ago I started this blog. I didn’t have a vision for it or anything. I just really like sex toys, and this seemed like a fun way to talk about them. Since then, I’ve learned a lot while watching sex toys move into the mainstream and become more generally accepted.

Still, not everybody has a helpful adult shop nearby, so online shopping is often the best option. EdenFantasys carries a huge variety of adult products, and they’re always adding new stuff. In addition to an impressive selection of lube, vibrators, dildos, and bondage gear, you can find anything that helps you feel sexy. Recently I’ve seen quite a lot of new lingerie added, and they now sell some seriously awesome bath and body care products. I appreciate the detailed information posted on every product page, as well as links to reviews of the products. This is incredibly helpful when shopping online, as the more you can find out about a product, the better. Some items might even have video reviews so you can hear the vibration patterns or see how squishy the material is.

I get sex toys from EdenFanatsys by either accepting a product as a review assignment, or by saving up my gift cards and EdenPoints until I have enough to get what I want. This allows me to try a lot of different products, which in turn results in more reviews posted here. And more orgasms.