LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ringI’ll be honest and admit that I’m not a fan of cock rings, vibrating or otherwise. Those disposable ones you find on the condom aisle might be an affordable way to try something like this out, but I personally require more than a single speed of weak vibrations intermittently coming into contact with my vulva.

LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ringI need consistent and strong vibrations on my clitoris, preferably from a sturdy, powerful sex toy that won’t break or move away when I grind against it. Basically, I want something that will magically transforms a real penis into a dual stimulator.

Usually with sex toys you get what you pay for, so logically a higher quality cock ring might work better. But I’m hesitant to spend money (or gift cards, whatever) on something I’m not convinced I’ll like for a body part that I don’t even have. I’m so horribly cheap that way, you see, which is pretty much why this blog exists.

When cock rings have been on offer as review products, I just didn’t request them, opting instead for an actual dual stimulator or some other sex toy designed for women. But LELO recently revamped their Tor luxury cock ring and contacted me about receiving one to try. While a some of their newer products have been disappointing, I was game to try this one, hoping that it might change my opinion on cock rings. Or at the very least produce strong enough vibrations to get me off.

LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ring packagingLELO products are well packaged, as you would expect from a luxury product line, and Tor II comes in the typical LELO black box. Despite the photo on the outer box being of a green Tor II, and the box itself saying that it contained a green Tor II, there was a black Tor II inside the box I received. Maybe black is the new green? It doesn’t really matter, because I honestly don’t care what color my sex toys are. I don’t tend to look at them that much when they’re in use, and I have to keep them all tucked away out of sight when they’re not.

LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ringMany lesser cock rings are made from sticky TPR, but Tor II is that lovely, velvety silicone that feels so soft. It’s also nice and stretchy. Tor II is powered by a multi-speed (with patterns) motor that’s rechargeable and reported to be considerably stronger than the original Tor. I don’t have one of those to test the theory, but it’s certainly way stronger than any bullet on a cock ring I’ve had experience with. It’s not as powerful as my Siri, but then again, it’s also a lot smaller.

Tor II has two buttons, one on either side of the bullet. The + button turns the vibe on and increases the power/changes the vibration setting, and the – button decreases the speed or turns the motor completely off when you press and hold it a few seconds. The + and – symbols are raised, but the buttons themselves are slightly recessed, and while that keeps the design sleek and tidy, it also makes them a little tricky to find and press while the cock ring is in use, especially with slick fingers. There are 6 speeds of constant vibration, starting out nice and rumbly but getting slightly buzzier at the faster speeds. The motor really is quiet, though, which is wonderful.

To access the patterns, press and hold the + button until the vibe is going at top speed, then let go. Press and hold the + button again, and that takes it to patterns mode. Keep pressing the + button to cycle through the settings. There’s a busy signal pulse, a short-sharp pulse, a revving pulse, a roller coaster pulse with a gentle escalation in power, and then a random, impossible-to-describe pulse. I pretty much stick with the constant vibration speeds.

LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ringThe charging cable plugs into a hole by the – button. There’s a tiny light that flashes when it’s charging. The user’s manual says that this light is red while charging and then turns white once it’s fully charged. Also, I think the light is supposed to emit a steady glow. The light on my Tor II is more of an amber color, and it flashes. Either way, it still works fine, so I’m not worried about it.

I haven’t timed how long a charge lasts because I usually plug my rechargeable toys in to top up their charge after each use (once I’ve cleaned them). I can tell you that I’ve had the motor on my Tor II running continuously for a little over an hour and didn’t notice any decrease in power.

LELO Tor II sex toy vibrating cock ring on an Icicles glass dildoThe first few times I used this cock ring, I didn’t have immediate access to a penis, so I got out a few of my non-vibrating dildos to put it on. The cool thing about doing this is that the vibrations travel, and depending on the dildo’s material (I guess it’s a density thing?) you might be able to really feel the vibrations internally, thereby possibly turning your favorite dildo into a dual stimulation sex toy. The silicone is stretchy enough that Tor II can easily be fitted onto the base of my Icicles No. 9, but I prefer to just have it on the shaft, where it slides freely up and down so I can adjust its position.

While Tor II is undoubtedly the nicest cock ring I’ve ever used, on a real penis there’s still the issue of the vibrating part only coming into contact with me on the “in” thrust, then it gets pulled back away. This might be fun for those who enjoy teasing, but by the time I have a penis inside me, I’m pretty much done with the teasing phase and want consistent stimulation.

In order to achieve that with a cock ring, the penis has to be all the way inside me and stay there. That’s not really an enhancement to intercourse, in my opinion. It’s more like letting a penis hold my clit vibe in place. Even then, the vibrating part doesn’t reach my clitoris very well. I can feel the vibrations radiating out from the cock ring, but forget about any kind of pinpoint stimulation.

I know there are men and women who love cock rings. I’m just not one of them. Call me a control freak, but I’d rather use a hand-held clit vibe during sex and have it consistently be where I need it rather than struggling with getting the vibrating part of a cock ring to hit the right spot during the brief moments it comes into contact with me. Don’t get me wrong, the Tor II is a high quality sex toy and works just as it should, so for those who enjoy cock rings and want to treat themselves to a little luxury, this is one to check out.