Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryBody jewelry can be very alluring and make you feel sexy, but the piercing involved with being able to wear it isn’t something I’m up for. I’m not a fan of needles, and I’m also a complete wimp when it comes to any type of pain. Thankfully, there’s a non-piercing solution, and I was lucky enough to receive two sets of nipple jewelry to review from

There are various designs, with different types of closures and mechanisms to keep them in place, and the website includes more information on styles, fit, the metals used, and all that jazz.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryI got to try a pair of ornate, gold-plated “8 Hearts” Nipple Shields and a pair of “Circle of Crystals” Nipple Rings. Both came packaged in little fabric drawstring pouches with an information card attached. The shields were also enclosed in a wee plastic clamshell, but the rings were just loose in the bag.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryThe Circle of Crystals Nipple Rings are silver tone metal with tiny clear crystals and raised bumps all around the front. The back side has a raised metal ridge, and the sides form a groove to hold a rubber O-ring.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelrySee, these are actually cut in half, and the two pieces are held together with that stretchy O-ring. To put them on, gently pull the ends apart, slip your nipple through, and then let the band pull them back together. The two ends will join around the base of your nipple, keeping the nipple ring in place.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryI find putting the nipple rings on by myself to be somewhat challenging. I’m clumsy at the best of times, and pulling the two ends apart while trying to slip my nipple all the way through, and then releasing the ends without getting skin pinched in between them must require more coordination than I have.

So, as sad as it is for me to admit, I need help getting these on. I know it can be done without assistance, though, because there’s a video demonstration on the website showing you how it slips on, as well as a picture of one them on a real nipple.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryThe 8 Hearts Nipple Shields are  a little different. They’re all one piece, with an opening at the top and a concave back. The metal is somewhat malleable, but you’re not supposed to bend or pull them to make the opening bigger, as I assumed.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryTo put these on, just slip them over the nipple. I found that I then had to tug my nipple through all the way so that the back rests against me. Not really knowing what to expect since I’d never worn body jewelry before, I was surprised by comfortable these are and how well they stay in place. Again, there’s a helpful video on the company website demonstrating how to put these on.

Of the two, I definitely prefer the 8 Hearts Nipple Shields. They’re easy to get on, they stay put, and the design is more to my personal taste than that of the Circle of Crystals Nipple Rings.

If you’d like to view the images in this post as a slideshow, I also have them posted on Photobucket: Nipple Charms slideshow.