I was so impressed with the Butterfly Kiss when I reviewed it that I honestly thought I would love Pipedream’s Classix 10 Function Japanese G Spot vibe, despite the long and inexplicable name. I still don’t know what’s Japanese about it. Anyway, this sex toy is similar in design to a Butterfly Kiss, only it’s larger with a wider and more bulbous shaft. There aren’t any fun flappy wings on the platform that serves as a clit stimulator, but instead it has some raised bumps on its surface.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like it nearly as much as the Butterfly Kiss. I’m not exactly sure what material the Classix 10 is made of, and while I didn’t seem to mind that very much at the time I reviewed this vibe, since then I’ve had more experience with higher-quality sex toys, and I’ve become a materials snob. Also, I grew less and less fond of the bumpy texture over time because there’s no give.

In my original review I said that there were two motors, but I was wrong! Turns out, there’s only one motor, and it’s located in the top of the shaft, which doesn’t suit me. Usually I like stronger vibrations on my clitoris, and that’s not going to happen with this vibe due to motor location. In the Butterfly Kiss, the motor is located down in the handle, so more power is on the clitoris, and the vibrations get muted a bit as they travel up the shaft. So, as you can tell from the photos, Classix 10 was among the sex toys that were culled, and I suppose Pipedream also didn’t deem it worth keeping around as I can’t find it anywhere on their website.

I had a bit of difficulty dissecting this one. Underneath the pink mystery material, there’s a squishy–yet solid–gel of some description that I had to dig the motor out of. No clue what the gel is made of. Hopefully it’s not anything radioactive. To get into it, I took a pair of scissors and snipped the corner off the nubby platform. I remember that it was too pointy and would sometimes poke me uncomfortably, and I didn’t bother mentioning that in my review, but I should have.

Then I continued cutting until I had a big enough opening in the pink material to slip it off of the gel. I don’t know why there was what looked like white tissue paper inside. I can only guess it was to keep the wire in place or separate the gel from the top of the battery compartment for some reason.

Not sure how in the world I was going to get the motor out of this gel stuff, I finally just hacked enough away from the top of the motor that I could pull it out, cord and all. Is it just me, or did the gel make the motor look larger? The pink plastic casing on the motor was pretty easy to remove. I recycled what I could, which ended up being the motor, the plastic battery compartment/handle, and the motor casing. Everything else, since I didn’t know exactly what it was, I threw away.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has this vibe, and if so, what do you think of it? This is the last What’s Inside Wednesday until next year, as the Classix 10 was the only Dextered vibe left to feature. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure I’ll find more sex toys to hack to bits once I get around to doing my spring cleaning.