This un-scented & un-coloured formula has all of the same great benefits of our original ultra moisturizing & light weight body mousse, specially formulated for extra sensitive skin.As I’ve often mentioned, my skin gets really dry, especially this time of year. I’m always up for trying new moisturizers and lotions because I never know if something might work better for me than what I’m currently using or have previously used.

I do have rather sensitive skin though, so I try to avoid anything containing parabens and stick with all-natural products whenever possible. I seriously love the Intimate Organics Body Souffle, but I go through that stuff fairly quickly, and it’s been out of stock for ages.

Cake Supreme Body Mousse skin care lotionIn addition to all the sex toys and lingerie they sell, recently added a bevy of bath and body products to their offerings, so I decided to try the Cake Supreme Body Mousse. I’m not a fan of heavily perfumed lotions, so I opted for the “unsweet” because it’s unscented. It’s also paraben-free, and claims to be good for sensitive skin.

I diligently read the labels on everything I use, from food to lube to body care products, and whenever I come across ingredients I can’t identify, I look them up. Often something simple like a coconut oil derivative or a particular vitamin can have scary-sounding clinical names.

Cake Supreme Body Mousse skin care lotionThere were a few such ingredients in this lotion, so I’ve listed them below, but there’s nothing in Cake Supreme Body Mousse that particularly concerns me. Obviously, since it has glycerin in it I won’t be using it anywhere near my genitals, but then again, I never planned to.


  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Caprylic/Capric triglyceride: This is fractionated coconut oil, which is often used in cosmetics as a thickener as well as to maintain moisture on the surface of the skin.
  • Cetyl alcohol: A fatty alcohol often used in lotions and creams as an emulsifier.
  • Stearic acid: A fatty acid used as an emulsifier and surfactant in cosmetics.
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Coconut oil (presumably not fractionated)
  • Macadamia integrifolia seed oil: From macadamia nuts, acts as a skin conditioning agent.
  • Mango alcohol (don’t drink this lotion)
  • Isopropyl palmiate: Used in cosmetics and skin care products as a binder and lubricant.
  • Dimethicone: A silicone based polymer that’s widely used in skin care products as a conditioner and protectant.
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera juice)
  • Phenoxyethanol: This inhibits microbial growth.
  • Caprylyl Glycol: A preservative and skin conditioning agent.
  • Sorbic Acid: Preservative.
  • Carbomer: Acts as an emulsifier and helps to maintain consistency.
  • Triethanolamine: Helps control the pH and also acts as an emulsifier.
  • Tetrasodium EDTA: Preservative.

Cake Supreme Body Mousse skin care lotionCake Supreme Body Mousse comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip-top cap. Even though it’s a thick lotion, it’s easy to dispense with just a quick squeeze of the bottle. Because it’s called a “mousse” I really expected this lotion to have a light and airy, almost whipped consistency similar to the Intimate Organics Body Souffle (I must admit that I really don’t understand the fascination with naming skin care products after food). But instead, it’s like regular lotion with more of a waxy feel.

Cake Supreme Body Mousse skin care lotionIt spreads nicely, rubs in easily, and feels good on my skin when applied. It does leave a slightly moist-feeling residue for a few moments before it totally gets absorbed–or maybe whatever is left of it on my skin’s surface just simply dissipates, but I don’t mind that in the least.

I’ve used other lotions in the past that left an unpleasant greasy feel or otherwise didn’t seem to sink into my skin very well. I don’t experience that with Cake Supreme Body Mousse. It  makes my skin feel very soft and moisturized, which isn’t an easy task.

A pea-sized amount is plenty to cover my hands, and a dime-sized blob of it will do my hands and forearms, but I’m pretty heavy-handed with the stuff and freely admit that I slather on more than I really need. Maybe if I used less then it would absorb more quickly.

Cake Supreme Body Mousse skin care lotionOh, and this is by far the best-smelling unscented lotion I’ve ever used. That may not make a lot of sense, because really, it shouldn’t smell like anything. But some unscented products I’ve tried seemed to pick up the smell of their plastic packaging, or otherwise have a faint smell that isn’t really bad, but it’s still there.

This stuff has an ever-so-slight scent to it that is very nice, if hard to describe. It’s not fruity, but more of a clean, fresh, and very subtle aroma without smelling at all soapy. I’m definitely glad I got some of this, thanks to accumulated gift cards and reward points, and I’m eager to see what some of the other Cake Beauty products are like.

Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayIncluded in the goody box of products I received from Evolved Novelties was a bottle of Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Spray, which is something I never even knew existed, much less tried. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things I love about reviewing sex toys is getting to sample new and different products. As far as manufacturers go, I like Evolved. They’re responsible for my beloved Croupier, as well as the Silky G and Bliss vibrators. Plus, their products are made from body-safe materials, well-packaged, and affordable.

Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayI didn’t know this, but in addition to sex toys, Evolved has a production company called Zero Tolerance, which has a male line of products that includes the Oral Sex Candy Spray. I actually misread the label at first and thought it was oral sex flavored candy spray, which totally threw me for a loop, until I saw the word WATERMELON across the bottom. That made more sense to me.

This isn’t a flavored lube, and even if it was I wouldn’t be able to use it for that purpose because it contains glycerin (I have sensitivities). Rather, this product is more along the lines of flavored body paints and edible dusts. Only this is a watermelon flavored liquid that you spray on any body part you want flavored. It comes in 2 oz pump-top bottle with a clear cap, and in addition to watermelon, there are three other flavors available: strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

Zero Tolerance Oral Sex Candy Water Based Flavored Oral Sex SprayPersonally, the real taste of my partner’s skin turns me on more the taste of watermelon, or any other fruit for that matter. Perhaps that’s not the case with some people, and this spray may help those who aren’t so fond of the way their partner tastes get more enthusiastic about oral play. Either way, it can be a fun product to use for the novelty if nothing else. After all, it is something different, and I’m all for a little experimentation. Introducing new ideas, activities, and/or props into bedroom play is a great way to explore your sexuality. And this spray is water-based, so it’s condom and toy safe.

Oral Sex Candy Spray is a thin liquid, like water, and dispenses in a fine mist when you push the pump top. It reminds me of sore throat spray, only without the nasty medicine taste. I love watermelon itself, but oddly enough I don’t like watermelon-flavored stuff. Still, while I’d probably prefer one of the other flavors, this tastes okay. Imagine watermelon flavored candy, only not nearly as sweet.

Even though this product contains glycerin, I still really like the list of ingredients because it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes in it. Oral Sex Candy Spray is made with:

  • glycerin
  • purified water
  • flavor
  • sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • potassium sorbate (preservative)
  • citric acid (preservative and for flavor)

According to the label, this product leaves no aftertaste or sticky residue, and for the most part I agree. Compared to a couple of other flavored body novelties I’ve tried in the past, this one’s flavor is rather subtle to begin with, and while the taste does linger in my mouth for a little while, it’s not for long and barely noticeable. I was very pleasantly surprised by the lack of a sticky feeling on my skin, though. Usually whenever I use any kind of flavored lube or oil there’s cleanup afterwards, but this stuff rinses right off.

While I’m not a fan of this particular flavor, or really products like this in general, if I had to use a flavored, apply-it-to-your-body-and-lick-it-off type substance, I’d go for something like this because of the all-natural ingredients, mild taste, and easy clean up. For those reasons, I give Oral Sex Candy Spray 4 out of 5 stars.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyRemember last Friday when I mentioned that I received some new sex toys from Evolved Novelties to review? Well, included in that box was a Silky G vibe, which is part of their Fleur De Lis collection and is similar to the Bliss I’ve previously reviewed.

Both vibes are around the same size, have 3 speed of constant vibration, and feature that velvety surface I love so much on hard plastic toys. Only instead of the 4 rounded, wave-like ripples at the top of Bliss, Silky G just has two bulges and a tapered, curved tip.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyAs with the Bliss, and I would imagine all the other vibes in the Fleur De Lis product line, Silky G comes packaged in a metal box with a lift-off plastic lid that’s held in place by metal clasps. I really like these boxes and use them for storage.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, all of Evolved’s vibrators are phthalates-free and waterproof. So they’re shower (or bath) friendly, easy to clean, and since this one is made from plastic, it’s compatible with whatever lube you choose to use.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyTo me, the vibrations feel equally strong and rumbly in both the Bliss and Silky G. As is the case with a lot of hard plastic vibes, at top speed I do feel a little more surface buzz, and the motor is definitely more audible. But it’s still fairly quiet, and there’s enough power to satisfy me. It doesn’t have the same level of oomph as plug-in massagers, but considering this vibe runs on just 2 AA batteries, I think it performs very well.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyEvolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyI love the simple, single-button control. Located on the battery compartment cap, it’s easy to find and press. Just push it to turn the vibe on, then keep pressing to cycle through the 3 vibration speeds and turn it off. The vibrations can be felt all over, but they are strongest at the top half of the shaft.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyI’ve actually been wanting to try something like this for a while because up until now I haven’t really used anything with such a tapered point for G-spot stimulation. I know I like bulbous heads and curved shafts, but Silky G is really more of a straight shaft with a curved tip.

It’s definitely a different sensation to other G-spot sex toys I’ve used. The waves up top feel really nice going in and out of me, and I love using the pointy tip for clitoral stimulation, but I still feel like I’m getting the hang of stimulating my G-spot with it. Just when I think I’ve found the right spot, I seem to lose my place and have to start over. Maybe I just need a larger, more bulbous tip instead of more pinpoint pressure there. Or more practice.

Evolved Novelties Silky G Vibrator Sex ToyOverall, I think Silky G does the job very nicely, so I’m going to rate this one 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a tad bit large to use on my clitoris during intercourse unless I’m in a rear-entry position, but I think the tapered tip is really nice for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and it’s a great vibe to use in the shower.

Oh, and for those who prefer a sex toy material with more give, the Silky G is also available in a silicone version. Thank you, Evolved for sending me a Silky G to try!

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryBody jewelry can be very alluring and make you feel sexy, but the piercing involved with being able to wear it isn’t something I’m up for. I’m not a fan of needles, and I’m also a complete wimp when it comes to any type of pain. Thankfully, there’s a non-piercing solution, and I was lucky enough to receive two sets of nipple jewelry to review from

There are various designs, with different types of closures and mechanisms to keep them in place, and the website includes more information on styles, fit, the metals used, and all that jazz.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryI got to try a pair of ornate, gold-plated “8 Hearts” Nipple Shields and a pair of “Circle of Crystals” Nipple Rings. Both came packaged in little fabric drawstring pouches with an information card attached. The shields were also enclosed in a wee plastic clamshell, but the rings were just loose in the bag.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryThe Circle of Crystals Nipple Rings are silver tone metal with tiny clear crystals and raised bumps all around the front. The back side has a raised metal ridge, and the sides form a groove to hold a rubber O-ring.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelrySee, these are actually cut in half, and the two pieces are held together with that stretchy O-ring. To put them on, gently pull the ends apart, slip your nipple through, and then let the band pull them back together. The two ends will join around the base of your nipple, keeping the nipple ring in place.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryI find putting the nipple rings on by myself to be somewhat challenging. I’m clumsy at the best of times, and pulling the two ends apart while trying to slip my nipple all the way through, and then releasing the ends without getting skin pinched in between them must require more coordination than I have.

So, as sad as it is for me to admit, I need help getting these on. I know it can be done without assistance, though, because there’s a video demonstration on the website showing you how it slips on, as well as a picture of one them on a real nipple.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryThe 8 Hearts Nipple Shields are  a little different. They’re all one piece, with an opening at the top and a concave back. The metal is somewhat malleable, but you’re not supposed to bend or pull them to make the opening bigger, as I assumed.

Nipple Charms Non-Piercing Body JewelryTo put these on, just slip them over the nipple. I found that I then had to tug my nipple through all the way so that the back rests against me. Not really knowing what to expect since I’d never worn body jewelry before, I was surprised by comfortable these are and how well they stay in place. Again, there’s a helpful video on the company website demonstrating how to put these on.

Of the two, I definitely prefer the 8 Hearts Nipple Shields. They’re easy to get on, they stay put, and the design is more to my personal taste than that of the Circle of Crystals Nipple Rings.

If you’d like to view the images in this post as a slideshow, I also have them posted on Photobucket: Nipple Charms slideshow.

The Touch by Leaf is an easy to hold easy to use silicone vibrator with rechargeable battery and multispeed vibrations.In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new line of luxury vibrators available called Leaf. These sex toys are eco-friendly, made from a gorgeous green silicone, and beautifully designed. They’re also equipped with PowerBullets, which are the same motors in the strong and rumbly Jopen Vanity vibrators.

Ever since learning about these fresh new Leaf Vibes early last summer, I’ve been eagerly anticipating their release, while at the same time trying to figure out a way to get my hands on at least one of them. Thankfully, the company decided to send some Leaf vibrators out to reviewers, and I received a Leaf Touch, which truly is a luxury adult product.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyLeaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyI totally love the packaging. It’s discreet, simple, elegant, recyclable, and it has an almost comforting earthy design. I could totally see these boxes gracing the shelves of Whole Foods’ body care department one day, and I seriously hope I do.

When you open the box you’re greeted with a little folder holding the user’s manual. Underneath that is the storage pouch, as well as the Leaf Touch vibe and charger cable which come individually sealed in plastic.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyCovered in silicone, Leaf Touch is firm everywhere except the side edges and tips, where there’s some slight give. This is a clitoral vibrator, and as such it’s discreetly sized, but the shape is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s fairly narrow, with a curve that reminds me of a banana, and it tapers off and comes to a point at each end. One is slightly wider than the other, but both are good for pinpoint stimulation.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyThe control button and charging cable port are located on the top, which is ergonomically dished out. The underside tapers to a gentle edge, allowing Leaf Touch to nestle in between my labia nicely.

Operating this vibe is a cinch. The raised control button is no trouble to find, and since it’s fairly soft it’s also easy to push. Just press the button to turn the motor on, push it again to turn the vibe off, and if you want to increase the vibration speed, press and hold the button and the power will keep going up until you let go or it reaches top speed. There aren’t any pulses or vibration patterns, and honestly, I don’t miss them.

Leaf Touch luxury vibrator sex toyThe one thing I do miss with this vibe though is the rumbly power I was expecting. As much as I love everything else about this sex toy, I must admit I’m disappointed with its vibrations. They’re not nearly as strong as those of the Vanity Vr 6, and they’re even a bit buzzy, which really threw me for a loop because I figured it would have the same kind of rumbly vibrations.

So, while Leaf’s earthy and unpretentious approach is refreshing to see in the realm of luxury sex toys, more power would definitely be an improvement. At least with the Leaf Touch. Maybe the other Leaf vibes have more oomph, but this one is barely strong enough to get me off on its own. Luckily, Touch is small and easy enough to operate that it works well when used in conjunction with insertable sex toys or during intercourse.

Oh, and I have more pictures of the Leaf Touch, along with its packaging and other accessories posted on Photobucket. I linked to some of the photos, but I also put them all in a nifty slideshow. Feel free to take a look at them: Leaf Touch pictures.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyI don’t usually review sex toys for men. Because I’m female, I lack the required anatomy, and it’s tricky to talk about a product when I have no firsthand experience using it. However, there is a totally unique new sexual enhancement product on the market now, and this one is for the guys. It’s not a masturbation toy, cock ring, or like anything else I’ve seen before.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyCalled the FleshWrap, this is the innovation of Ntimate, a company that has other male sex toys in their product catalog. One of their reps contacted me not too long ago looking for reviewers, and while I can’t tell you if FleshWrap is tricky to put on or how comfortable it is to wear, I can at least give you some product specs and details. It’s basically a bracket that clasps around the testicles and is held in place by a crossbar. According to the website:

FleshWrap is an oval shaped frame and a small crossbar that gently bind and stretch the scrotum and testicles upward and forward from the body, lifting the scrotum up along the underside of the penis. The result is a whole mix of astonishing new feelings of pleasure during sex.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyThese come in simple clamshell plastic packaging and include 2 sizes of brackets and crossbars, so there is some adjustability and 4 possible size combinations. There are also two different sets to choose from: in the standard set everything is plastic, but the premium set comes with metal crossbars.

The use instructions are printed on the back, with a handy diagram to show you how it’s supposed to go on. Starting out with the largest frame and smallest crossbar is recommended, and then the user can work up to the smaller frame and/or larger crossbar if desired. Obviously, use common sense and pay attention to your body. Because FleshWrap works by constricting the genitals, if you notice numbing or pain take it off.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System sex toyBut what I really want to know is, what’s in this for me? Cock rings work by restricting circulation, hopefully resulting in a longer-lasting, more prominent erection, which is a bonus for both partners, and many of them have little vibrating bullets that can add more stimulation for the receiving partner. Well, apparently FleshWrap increases the partner’s pleasure as well, producing similar effects as a cock ring plus scrotal repositioning that allows the testicles rub up against the receiving partner. Again, quoting from the website:

Any sex rubs your penis. With FleshWrap sex also rubs your scrotum, stimulates your testicles, presses your scrotum skin against your partner, hand, or masturbation toy, presses and massages the perineum area behind your scrotum, and tugs the skin at the base of your penis creating a natural cockring-like pressure boost in your erection. All of this happens simultaneously.

Curious to know just how this thing gets put on, I played around with fitting it on to the only realistic dildo I have (none of my other sex toys have balls). Plus, I lacked a willing model for this. If you want to see more graphic photos of what this looks like on a real penis there are some posted on the company’s home page (in the sidebar, scroll down). There is also a video demonstrating the FleshWrap, using what looks like a packer dildo posted on the Ntimate company blog.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super Sex Toy Dildo FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy

While I can’t give you any firsthand reports on how this contraption performs, I know people who can. Alan and Michele also received a FleshWrap to review, and I highly recommend reading what they have to say about it. It sounds like there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting it fitted, but I think with something like this that’s to be expected.

FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy FleshWrap Male Pleasure System Platinum Silicone Super dildo sex toy

Did I mention that FleshWrap has been nominated for an AVN award in the Best Sex Toy for Men category? Oh, and I’m nosy, so I had a look at some of the other sex toys for men in the Ntimate product line. Their JackStrap looks like a totally new take on male masturbation aids.

I was so impressed with the Butterfly Kiss when I reviewed it that I honestly thought I would love Pipedream’s Classix 10 Function Japanese G Spot vibe, despite the long and inexplicable name. I still don’t know what’s Japanese about it. Anyway, this sex toy is similar in design to a Butterfly Kiss, only it’s larger with a wider and more bulbous shaft. There aren’t any fun flappy wings on the platform that serves as a clit stimulator, but instead it has some raised bumps on its surface.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like it nearly as much as the Butterfly Kiss. I’m not exactly sure what material the Classix 10 is made of, and while I didn’t seem to mind that very much at the time I reviewed this vibe, since then I’ve had more experience with higher-quality sex toys, and I’ve become a materials snob. Also, I grew less and less fond of the bumpy texture over time because there’s no give.

In my original review I said that there were two motors, but I was wrong! Turns out, there’s only one motor, and it’s located in the top of the shaft, which doesn’t suit me. Usually I like stronger vibrations on my clitoris, and that’s not going to happen with this vibe due to motor location. In the Butterfly Kiss, the motor is located down in the handle, so more power is on the clitoris, and the vibrations get muted a bit as they travel up the shaft. So, as you can tell from the photos, Classix 10 was among the sex toys that were culled, and I suppose Pipedream also didn’t deem it worth keeping around as I can’t find it anywhere on their website.

I had a bit of difficulty dissecting this one. Underneath the pink mystery material, there’s a squishy–yet solid–gel of some description that I had to dig the motor out of. No clue what the gel is made of. Hopefully it’s not anything radioactive. To get into it, I took a pair of scissors and snipped the corner off the nubby platform. I remember that it was too pointy and would sometimes poke me uncomfortably, and I didn’t bother mentioning that in my review, but I should have.

Then I continued cutting until I had a big enough opening in the pink material to slip it off of the gel. I don’t know why there was what looked like white tissue paper inside. I can only guess it was to keep the wire in place or separate the gel from the top of the battery compartment for some reason.

Not sure how in the world I was going to get the motor out of this gel stuff, I finally just hacked enough away from the top of the motor that I could pull it out, cord and all. Is it just me, or did the gel make the motor look larger? The pink plastic casing on the motor was pretty easy to remove. I recycled what I could, which ended up being the motor, the plastic battery compartment/handle, and the motor casing. Everything else, since I didn’t know exactly what it was, I threw away.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has this vibe, and if so, what do you think of it? This is the last What’s Inside Wednesday until next year, as the Classix 10 was the only Dextered vibe left to feature. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure I’ll find more sex toys to hack to bits once I get around to doing my spring cleaning.

Front of DVD Case

Apart from the brief shoutout to Matinee I posted on my Tumblr months ago, I have yet to review an adult video. Not because I have anything against porn, but mostly because I’m seriously picky about what I watch, and I don’t like the vast majority of the mainstream stuff.

In addition to the titillation factor, I often use porn as a source of inspiration and to learn something new, so I need to be convinced that all partners are genuinely enjoying themselves, not just cycling through requisite positions to fill the scene.

Thankfully, Vivid Ed has a DVD series of “Expert Guides” that covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, fellatio, threesomes, anal sex, and female orgasms. These titles are highly informative, women-friendly, and sex positive, and Babeland was nice enough to send me a copy of Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms to review.

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms Adult DVD Review

Back of DVD Case

Directed and presented by Tristan Taormino, this DVD also stars Jiz Lee, Adrianna Nicole, Dylan Ryan, Evanni Solei, Katie St. Ives, Madison Young, James Deen, Mr. Marcus, Sean Michaels, and Evan Stone. If you don’t watch much porn, those names most likely won’t mean anything to you, but they’re top performers who are well paired, so the scenes are super hot.

The DVD begins with a thorough discussion of female pleasure by Tristan Taormino, in which she describes the different phases of arousal and the many ways those stages can vary depending on the woman. She also covers oral sex, manual stimulation, the use of sex toys, how to stimulate the G-spot, and anal sex.

The adult performers intermittently chime in to share their experiences, and visual aids including helpful diagrams of female anatomy and an oversized vagina puppet are also incorporated into the presentation. But the first thing I noticed was the excellent selection of sex toys on the table in front of Tristan as she’s talking, and I couldn’t help trying to identify as many of them as possible.

After Taormino’s presentation there are five scenes, each one featuring a different couple, and in every scene the focus is on the woman’s pleasure. Before the start of each scene are introductory interviews with the performers, wherein they talk about their masturbation habits, porn preferences, the different types of orgasms they experience, what sort of stimulation they like, their favorite sex toys, and the easiest way to make them orgasm.

Once the scenes start there’s no background music, so we get to hear the performers’ voices, moans, and other sounds, except for when the Hitachi Magic Wand’s noise drowns it all out. (Somebody is working on developing a muffler for that thing, right?)

Rather than just show close-up shots of two different sets of genitalia banging against each other, the camera is often focused on the woman’s face, catching her reactions to whatever her partner is doing to her. Don’t worry though, there are enough close-ups and wide-angle shots so you don’t feel like you’re missing anything.

I love that each scene shows the couples actively communicating and incorporates the use of sex toys. I’m very impressed with the production quality and the performers, as it’s obvious that the couples really enjoy working with each other. I also love the fact that the women have very natural bodies, and a few even have pubic hair. So it does still exist!

Rather than just give us behind-the-scenes footage, the DVD bonus features also include a tutorial on how to do Kegel exercises, a masturbation montage, safer sex information, and a vibrator guide, so Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is very comprehensive.

But the bottom line here is that every woman achieves orgasms differently, and there’s no right or wrong way to climax. In addition to understanding basic female anatomy and how it works, women need to masturbate and learn their own personal stimulation preferences so they can effectively guide their partners.

Another 365 days have passed, during which I’ve had the pleasure to review many different types of sex toys and adult products. Due to the wide variety, I’ve compiled my Top 10 of 2011 list by category, selecting my favorite product in each.

On 4 Her Arousal OilThis year I tested quite a few arousal products. These are typically only good for as long as their novelty value lasts, but the On 4 Her arousal oil and Shunga Divine Pleasure Lip Gloss exceeded my expectations. They’re both effective, and I continued to use them until I ran out. I’m going to have to pick the On 4 Her since it directly increases my arousal, but the Shunga Lip Gloss is also worth having.
Best Arousal Product: On 4 Her

HapPenis HatsSpeaking of novelty, I had a lot of fun reviewing HapPenis Hats and a Penis Cupcake Pan. While the cupcake pan may seem way more useful than designer penis hats, I’m still kinda bitter about slicing my thumb open on its sharp edge. Also, I wear the HapPenis Hats as ponytail holders more often than I bake penis-shaped cupcakes. Plus, I’m a sucker for a clever name.
Best Novelty Item: HapPenis Hats 

Sliquid Oceanics Personal LubricantI discovered two really nice lubes this year, and I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. Ultimately, Sliquid Oceanics won over LELO Personal Moisturizer. It’s made from all natural, body safe ingredients. Pus, it’s thicker than the LELO lube and doesn’t have a bitter taste.
Best Lube: Sliquid Oceanics

In 2011 there were three glass dildos that really impressed me, so I had a hard time choosing between the Icicles No. 12Icicles No. 21, and Bent Graduate. I love how No. 12′s beautiful rosebud gives me such a nice sense of fullness, and when not otherwise occupied, it looks so lovely on top of bookcase. The size and shape of No. 21 works really well for me, and it’s another favorite.

Don Wands Bent Graduate Glass DildoBut the Bent Graduate is double-ended, making it more versatile. And its modest size means it’s better for when I may not have the time to work up to using a bigger toy. Plus, it comes with a padded storage pouch. The Icicles don’t. But my beloved No. 21 is a very close second.
Best Nonvibrating Sex Toy: Bent Graduate

I got to try lot of clitoral stimulators this year, and a few really stood out. First, let me give props to a couple of truly unique and innovative clit vibes: LELO’s Insignia Lyla with its SenseMotion technology, and the hands-free FixSation couple’s vibrator. I love that we’re seeing more sex toys designed for couples to use together, thereby enhancing the experience for both partners.

As for the best clit vibe of the year, that was a tough call. Buzzlet is a powerful, waterproof, and rechargeable bullet, but it’s made from hard plastic and its buttons can be hard to press. The Little Secret Kissfrom Tantus is fun and great for pinpoint stimulation, but it only has one speed. Je Joue’s MiMi is powerful, rumbly, waterproof, rechargeable, and covered in lovely silicone, but it also has tricky buttons.

LELO Siri VibratorLELO’s Siri, on the other hand, is my current favorite clit vibe. The buttons are easy, the business end is covered with a lovely velvety silicone, and the vibrations are powerful and rumbly with plenty of speed and pattern options. I only wish it was waterproof.
Best Clit Vibe: LELO Siri

LELO GigiI tried out three really good G-spot vibes this year: Je Joue’s G-KiLELO’s Gigi, and the Starlet Toyfriend. As cool as I think it is that the G-Ki is adjustable, it loses points for skin drag and being a lint magnet, whereas Starlet and Gigi both have a nicer surface feel.

Starlet is a great vibe, and the head’s shape works really well for me, but it takes batteries, and the shaft is straight. Gigi’s head has a similar shape, but the shaft is curved which I like better. Plus, it’s rechargeable, powerful, and has more vibration settings, so I’m giving it top G-Spot vibe even though it’s not waterproof.
Best G-spot Vibe: LELO Gigi

Papaya Tattoo StrawberryLet’s not forget the classics. If I had to pick between the Papaya Tattoo StrawberryTwilite WandMeany, and RO-160 Bullet, I’d definitely go with the Papaya Tattoo. All of the above take batteries, and while Meany is covered in a lovely silicone, it’s not as powerful and rumbly as my Papaya Tattoo. The Twilite Wand comes close, but it’s smooth plastic, and I prefer Tattoo’s silicone.
Best Classic-Style Vibe: Papaya Tattoo Stawberry

Jopen Vanity Vr10Everyone knows how much I love dual stimulation (aka rabbit-style) vibes. Some notable ones I reviewed this year include the Bimini FlashGee Whiz (this is an attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand), and Tantus Elements Delta. But the Jopen Vanity Vr10 is hands-down the winner. And not just because it has a cute little bunny on it. It’s also rechargeable, waterproof, rumbly and very powerful, plus you can adjust the range of motion in its shaft rotation. This is still my new favorite rabbit vibe.
Best Dual Stimulation Vibe: Jopen Vanity Vr10

Female Orgasms DVdI also had the pleasure of reviewing some great erotica and an educational DVD. While the books and Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms are super hot, only the DVD is truly educational. It’s Tristan Taormino, after all, so you know it’s awesome.
Best Book/DVD: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms

I love lingerie, but I’m picky. The China Doll Chiffon Babydoll is a gorgeous set, but it didn’t suit me. I really liked Booty Parlor’s Foxy Bombshell panties, but they’re not exactly practical knickers to wear underneath clothes. At least not for any length of time.

Dreamgirl Reversible CorsetThe Dreamgirl Reversible Corset I recently reviewed, however, is lovely enough to wear as a top (wouldn’t it look nice with a black blazer?) while also being a comfortable and supportive–not to mention sexy!–undergarment. The thong I can do without, but I love the corset.
Best Lingerie: Dreamgirl Reversible Corset

What about you guys? I would love to hear about your favorite sex toys. I obviously can’t try every new vibe, and I’ll bet there are some fantastic ones out there. What do you think are the best adult products this year? Please comment and let me know. Oh, and if you don’t like my categories, feel free to make up your own.

Premium rechargeable silicone massager with multiple speeds and functionsJimmyjane is a luxury sex toy manufacturer, and in addition to vibrators their product line also includes massage stones, lotions, and candles. They’re responsible for the expensive “Form” massagers you may have heard of, as well as the Little Chroma vibes.

Ages ago, and by that I mean well over a year, after coveting anything Jimmyjane for a very long time, I finally had enough gift cards and reward points saved up to get one of their luxury vibes.

Back then they had not yet released the Form 4, so it wasn’t even an option, and I had read several reviews reporting glitches and other issues with the Form 2 and Form 3. Also, I was really wanting something more versatile than a clit vibe, so I opted to get the Form 6. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and it has two individually-controlled motors with many patterns and speeds. Finally, I was going to treat my lady bits to some real luxury! Or so I thought, but more on that later.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

The Form 6 comes packaged in just a simple cardboard box that has pictures of the vibe on the front and back. Inside is the Form 6, its storage case/charging box (wrapped in plastic), power cable, and owner’s manual.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Like some other luxury rechargeable toys, Form 6 charges magnetically. There’s  a metal band around the smaller, curved end that meets up with little contact points in the molded bed of the charger base. Let me just say I love this setup. The charger base is discreet and doubles nicely as a storage box. Not knowing any better, I opened it upside-down when I took the photos.

 Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

The charger cable plugs into the bottom of the box, where there’s an indention so it rests flush and allows the whole box to sit level. We’re treated to a light show when the Form 6 first starts charging, with all four lights flashing, and then two staying lit while it’s plugged in. When removing Form 6 from its base, the lights will also let you know how much of a charge the vibe has: all four lights will light up when it’s fully charged, three lights when mostly charged, etc.

Apparently, there’s no way to overcharge the vibe, so you could conceivably leave it plugged in all the time. Since the storage box is nice and discreet, I would have no problem leaving this out on my nightstand, ready to go whenever I needed it.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Unfortunately though, that’s not going to happen because I don’t like my Form 6 very much. The reason I took so long to get this review done is because I felt like I should totally love this vibe. For months I clung to the hope that something would magically change the next time I used it. But that never happened. Instead I kept getting increasingly frustrated with the thing.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toyJimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

My main issue is with Form 6 is the buttons. Pretty much everything about them is wrong, from their placement to design. I can’t believe I didn’t even consider where the buttons are located when I chose this vibe. I mean, really. This is supposed to be a double-ended sex toy, so why would the manufacturer put the buttons on the end that’s apparently meant to be inserted? This means you have to remove the vibe in order to change settings.

But that issue is nothing compared to the challenge of actually finding and pushing the buttons. They’re merely little raised emblems on the shaft, and they’re very hard to press, especially with slippery fingers.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy

Basically, there are three buttons: a dot, a circle, and a squiggle mark, and they are very small. The dot controls the motor at the small end, the circle operates the motor at the larger end, and the squiggle changes the function. Pressing any button for two seconds turns the vibe on, and the lights will flash three times.

If any button is pushed for less than two seconds, the lights will still flash, but the motors won’t start. This is so it doesn’t get bumped and turned on accidentally. Considering that it lives inside its charging case I’m not so sure that would happen, even while traveling (because wouldn’t you travel with the case and cable too?) but it’s a thoughtful feature.

This is one of those vibes that remembers the power level and vibration setting from the last time it was used, and that’s where it starts when you turn it back on. There are five vibration speeds and six modes. Starting with constant vibration, hitting either the dot or circle increases the speed. Once the top speed is reached, pushing the button again turns that motor off. Push it to start the motor again at the lowest vibration intensity.

To move into the patterns, press the squiggle button. I love that the modes have names. There’s Oscillate, Reverberate, Thrum (that’s a new one on me, I had to look it up), Ripple, and Pulse, and the diagram below describes them better than I ever could. Notice that in some of these modes the motors are doing different things, and being able to adjust the intensity of each motor means there are plenty of stimulation options to play around with.

Jimmyjane Form 6 luxury vibrator sex toy patterns chart

If you ask me, it all gets rather complicated pretty quickly, and that’s on top of the trouble of finding and pressing the buttons. I’m fairly clumsy at the best of times, so I have no chance working these buttons with lubed-up fingers. The more I review sex toys, the more I appreciate user-friendly controls.

As for the vibrations themselves, the smaller end feels too buzzy. The other side is rumbly and more to my liking, but I expected a sex toy of this calibre to produce deep, powerful vibrations from both motors.

Another thing I don’t like about the Form 6 is its construction. The smaller end really isn’t something I enjoy inserting, even though it looks as though it might be good for G-spot stimulation, because of the metal band. The edges where it wraps around the silicone aren’t what I would call rough, but they’re not smooth either, and I don’t like the way that end feels inside me.

The larger end is no better. The shape doesn’t just not suit me, it’s actually uncomfortable. I’ve tried inserting it using different angles and positions, but it refuses to fit pleasurably inside me. There’s also an obvious seam, which was another disappointment.

It’s hard to accept that I could have bought two, if not three sex toys that I know I’d like–and have buttons I’d be able to press–for what I paid for this. I don’t care how cool the storage/charging box is, a good vibrator should be a pleasure to use, not an exercise in patience and frustration management.

Sadly, the Form 6 is a fail for me. The curved end’s metal band keeps me from wanting to insert it, and the vibrations are too buzzy for my clitoris. The larger end is fine for clitoral stimulation, if somewhat big, but the shape doesn’t work for me internally. Even though this is supposed to be a double-ended luxury vibrator, I can really only use it is as a clit vibe. So much for versatility.