Remember a few weeks ago when I sadly reported in a Follow-Up Friday post that my Starlet Toyfriend was no longer working? Well, as it turns out I was right about something being wrong with the button. Once I figured out what, I was able to fix it, and the good news is that the motor still works just fine.

See, there’s a silicone sleeve that covers the plastic cap to the battery compartment. Inside this sleeve is a silicone nub that hangs down. I know it’s not really visible in the photo, and for that I apologize, but it’s the same pink color, so it’s not going to show up all that well. This nub is supposed to fit into a small hole in the plastic cap underneath, where there’s a recessed button.

Pressing the bottom of the battery cap (with the silicone sleeve on) pushes the nub down, which in turn hits the button and turns the motor on. But if the silicone nub has slipped out of position, as was the case with mine, then nothing happens because the nub isn’t making contact with the little button underneath.

I know the pictures aren’t really all that great, so I made a video that pretty much explains it all. Now, I also want to let you guys know that I’ve been in touch with a rep from the company, who not only forwarded this information to the relevant people at Toyfriends, but is also sending me a replacement. I love it when companies are receptive to feedback on their products and make the effort to ensure customer satisfaction.