Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachmentThere are many attachments available for the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I’ve only ever tried the Gee Whiz by Vixen Creations. Made from seamless silicone that has a lovely blue marble swirl pattern, it consists of a modestly sized, flexible shaft on a cap that fits snugly over the Hitachi Magic Wand head.

The Gee Whiz comes packaged in a clear plastic tube that works great for storage. Care and cleaning instructions are printed on the side, and both caps come off the ends of the tube.

Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachment Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachmentSilicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachment Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachment

I bought my Gee Whiz years ago, not long after I got my Hitachi Magic Wand, but back then I didn’t like it. As effective as the Hitachi is for giving me a clitoral orgasm, I was convinced this attachment would magically locate my G-spot and induce mind-blowing orgasms complete with squirting.

Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachmentNever mind that at the time I’d never even tried internal vibrations, so I had no clue if I even liked them or not. Nor had I yet managed to locate my G-spot using fingers or anything else. Still pretty much a sex toy novice, I wasn’t quite ready for the Gee Whiz. The Hitachi’s strong vibrations were just too much for me to take internally. So it got pushed into the back corner of my sex toy drawer.

Gee Whiz hung out unused for years. I forgot all about the poor neglected thing. Not too terribly long ago, I was sorting through my sex toy collection and happened upon my Gee Whiz. There’s no motor to dissect, and since it’s made from high quality silicone, I decided to keep it, resolving to use it again and see if I could like it more. No point in having it just take up space.

Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachmentSo, I dusted it off and gave it another try, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m a huge fan of dual stimulation vibes, and the cap on the Gee Whiz has a little nub and ridge that’s great for pressing/grinding against, allowing the user to feel the vibrations from the Hitachi head externally while the shaft carries the strong vibrations internally.

I don’t think I would like this nearly as much if it wasn’t made from a soft, flexible silicone, though. I believe a firmer material would make the vibrations too much, but this silicone carries the vibrations well while also softening them just enough. Oh, and it’s great for thrusting.

Silicone Hitachi Magic Wand attachmentSince I started reviewing sex toys, I’ve learned a lot about my body, which has led me to explore new forms of stimulation. I’ve also realized that some sex toys have more of a learning curve to them, but the time and patience invested in figuring them out is usually well rewarded. That’s definitely the case for me with the Gee Whiz. I love this thing now. It takes a powerhouse and turns it into a strong dual stimulation sex toy. It’s just too bad that because it’s used with the Hitachi, it also suffers from the same drawbacks, such as the loud noise and limiting power cord.

Bnaughty unleashed is designed to pander to your deepest whim with its oblong shape massager, its silky touch, electric vibrations and 7 function corldess remote.Bullets are seriously fun sex toys to play with, especially when they’re cordless like the Bnaughty Unleashed. sent me one to try, and in addition to multiple speeds and vibration patterns, it also features a velvety soft surface and ultra cool controller.

The Bnaughty Unleashed from BSwish comes packaged in a box with pictures and product information printed on the outside.


Inside the box is a plastic tray with the bullet, remote control, batteries, storage bag, and user’s instructions.


The remote takes a 27A battery, and the bullet needs 2 size N batteries. I hate that this sex toy is powered by odd size batteries, but at least they’re included. I did have some trouble figuring out how to open the bullet to install the batteries. I thought the two halves slid apart, but actually the top slides forward just a little and then lifts off.


Both the remote and bullet are a handy size, and the controller is actually pretty discreet as it can easily pass for an MP3 player or similar gadget on first glance. They’re both made from plastic that has a soft, PU coated finish to the surface. The bullet is shaped more like an elongated egg and is slightly larger than the classic silver bullets. There is a seam going all around the bullet where the two halves fit together, but it’s not all that noticeable while in use, and I didn’t find it bothersome.

This bullet vibe can be used externally anywhere, so it’s great for foreplay and clitoral stimulation, but it can also be inserted for some internal vaginal stimulation. Just please remember that the lack of a flared base makes it unsafe for anal play. The bullet’s retrieval cord is flexible if you bend it, but it has enough stiffness to it that it doesn’t flop or flap around. I found that sometimes the cord would sit in an awkward place, depending on how it rested against me. Not that it was necessarily uncomfortable, but I could tell it was there.

Bnaughty Unleashed has 7 different functions to play with. There are 3 speeds of constant vibration, a short escalating pulse, a pulse that sounds a bit like a busy signal only faster, a rapid short, sharp pulse, and a pattern of 2 medium pulses followed by a longer pulse.

The remote has 2 buttons: a power button to turn the motor on and off, and a function button to cycle through the settings. I really appreciate a separate power button because it means you can instantly turn the motor off. This isn’t one of those vibes that remembers which setting it was on, so you’ll have to cycle back to your desired mode when you power it back up again, but that’s not a big deal. Also, there’s a digital display screen on the controller, which is pretty cool because it changes depending on which setting you’re on.

As for the vibrations, they’re more rumbly than buzzy, which is what I prefer, but but in my opinion the motor could definitely use more oomph. It’s only just powerful enough to get the job done for me, and I was also disappointed in how noisy it is. When worn under clothing the sound is muffled, but at the higher speeds it’s clearly audible, so this isn’t something I’ll be slipping in my panties for some covert fun away from the house.

Now for the really bad news: Bnaughty Unleashed is a battery drainer. I played with this toy once, recorded the video, and then the next time I used it the motor started randomly cutting off, so I replaced the N batteries in the bullet. By the way, I put brand-name batteries in there this time, and I noticed a slight increase in power.

However, very soon after that the controller battery died, and finding a size 27A battery was quite a challenge, to say the least. None of the supermarkets or drugstores in my area sell them, nor does my local Target. I finally ended driving to a specialty electronics store, which was out of the way and frankly, I’m not so sure the Bnaughty Unleashed is worth all that hassle. There are other bullets out there that are more powerfulmake less noise, and take regular batteries (or even better, are rechargeable).

fun factory smartballs teneo uno sex toyWe should all know by now the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy pelvic floor. With so many different vaginal balls, barbells, and other Kegel exercise products available to make it fun and stimulating, there’s really no excuse to not work those PC muscles.

Still, this is one area where I’m guilty of the occasional lapse, so when offered Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo for review, I readily requested it.

Available as either a single ball, the Teneo Uno, or two balls connected, the Teneo Duo, these are slightly different in design than the original Smartballs, but they still come packaged in the typical Fun Factory way.

The box has a clear window on the front so you can see the product, and then the back of the box has flaps that open up to reveal another clear plastic window. The insides of the flaps are printed with basic information and a product map. Inside is the Teneo Uno encased in a clear plastic clamshell, a sample of lube, a small Fun Factory product catalog, and user’s instructions (printed in several different languages).


Smartballs Teneo are similar to the original Smartballs in that they’re hollow with a smaller weighted ball inside that rattles around, creating subtle vibration and internal stimulation. The idea is that the PC muscles will naturally contract to keep the balls in place, so that just wearing them will help strengthen your pelvic floor, but their weight also adds some resistance, giving the user something to squeeze against.

An improvement over the original, Smartballs Teneo feature a indentation on the bottom for easy insertion. It’s a perfect fingertip-sized groove, and it makes positioning a cinch. There’s also a silicone retrieval cord attached to the bottom for hassle-free removal.


I still have my set of original Smartballs–believe it or not, they were one of the first sex toys I ever tried, and I think I may have even bought them the same time as my Hitachi Magic Wand. I noticed a distinct difference in my body after having kids, and I knew it was time to do something about it.

Smartballs sounded like just what I needed to get my body, health, and sex life back on track, so I ordered a set. But then they arrived, and I had a really difficult time just keeping them in. I was fine as long as I was sitting or reclined, but as soon as I stood up, they slipped right out. That frustrated me, so I tended not to use them much or for very long.

I’ve since tried a variety of other Kegel exercise toys, and as my pelvic floor strength improved, I found working with my original Smartballs easier. However, at some point I realized that they were great to use in conjunction with a clit vibe during solo play sessions, as they give me a nice sense of fullness, and the vibrator causes the internal Smartballs beads to move, which adds to the sensation.

As for working PC muscles, though, I have to say that I prefer the Teneo Uno. It’s lighter, and as a single ball easier for me to use. There’s a bit more texture to the Teneo than the original Smartballs design, which I think gives a more “grippy” feel. As far as getting any real G-spot stimulation, I personally prefer the more hourglass-shaped Kegel exercisers for that. These round balls don’t seem to settle in quite the right spot for me.

Basically, the Smartballs Teneo Uno is ideal for those new to Kegel exercise toys or those who prefer a shorter design. They’re very quiet, and the vibrations created by the internal ball are subtle. So much so that in order to really feel it I have to think about feeling it, if that makes any sense.

Going up and down stairs, jogging, or otherwise jumping about does make it more noticeable, so any vigorous activity is well rewarded. I’m not crazy about the retrieval cord, though. It’s a bit stiff, and tends to not feel very pleasant as it rests against me.

A big thank you to Good Vibes for sending me this product to review!

Recently I received an email from BMS Factory announcing a new line of luxury sex toys soon to be released. For anyone who doesn’t already know, BMS Factory designed the Jopen Vanity vibes. Cal Exotics has the right to sell those sex toys in the US and Canada, but in other parts of the world they’re sold under the brand name Swan. And they’re pink.

BMS Factory has developed a new product line called leaf. There’s a special page set up at that shows a preview of the Leaf in a block of ice that is gradually melting.

As the ice melts away, more of the vibe will be visible, leading up to the full reveal, including more product details, happening on Friday July 1. Just in time for ANME.