Normalizing all women's experiences, Mikaya Heart in The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women provides the information, permission and support women need to enhance their own fulfillment.There’s certainly no shortage of sex manuals on the market. Plenty of books out there help you figure out how to do it just about any way you want. And possibly a few you don’t. Books are great resources to help us understand how our bodies work. The better we know our bodies, the more we can enjoy them.

I realize that not everybody may be ready to explore their G-spots or anal play, and that’s fine. I have no way of knowing where everybody is in their personal journey of sexual discovery and fulfillment, but even if a topic is no interest to you now, it just might be in the near or distant future. There is inestimable value in keeping an open mind.

A difinitive guide to selfloving and masturbation.Betty Dodson, Ph.D. is one of the pioneers of female sexuality. A long-time pro-sex feminist advocating self-exploration as a way to love our bodies and learn how they respond to stimulation, her book, Sex For One – The Joy of Selfloving, is a comprehensive masturbation manual with helpful illustrations. For decades Betty Dodson has worked to take the shame out of masturbation, touting it as healthy and the safest form of sex.

An informative guide to help women find and stimulate their G-Spots and experience female ejaculation.Another leading expert in the field of women’s sexuality, Deborah Sundahl specializes in teaching women and couples about the G-spot and how to achieve female ejaculation. Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot is an informative, practical guidebook with detailed illustrations.

Helpful suggestions for women who want to learn how to enjoy anal sex.Tristan Taormino is another leading sex educator and author. For women interested in exploring anal pleasure, her book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women contains comprehensive information on the topic, including a clear discussion of anatomy, communication tips, and advice on safety, preparation, and hygiene.

Then, of course there’s plenty of erotica to read when you’re ready to for more creative inspiration.