FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyProducts like vibrating cock rings are often recommended for couples seeking to add novelty and a little something different to their sex lives. Nowadays you can even find them in pharmacies hanging by the condoms and lube. Those are just cheap, single-use cock rings, but they’re readily available, affordable, and for some people a nice introduction to sex toys.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyThe trouble with them is, they only work in positions where the woman’s clitoris has a chance of making contact with the vibrating part of the cock ring, such as missionary. Even then, as a man thrusts the vibrating part gets pulled back and often completely loses contact with the woman’s clitoris.

That’s why I personally prefer to use a hand-held vibe on my clit during intercourse over my partner wearing a vibrating cock ring. Unfortunately, that too has its limitations, as it leaves me with only one hand free (or neither hand if I’m using a bullet with a remote). But now there’s an interesting new product available that just might be the ideal solution. It’s called the FixSation, and it’s a totally different kind of panty vibe.

In fact, it’s really more of a strap-on clitoral stimulator than panty vibe, and while ingenious, it’s perfectly logical: Secure the vibrator in place so the woman can receive consistent, hands-free clitoral stimulation during intercourse and while in any sexual position.

The FixSation comes elegantly packaged in a discreet black box. Turn it over, and there are illustrations on the back that give the product away, but it’s all very tastefully done. Inside is a tray holding the vibe, charging cable (yes, this is rechargeable, yay!), and storage bag. The “Panty Companion” is size-specific and packaged separately.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy  FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy
Also inside the box is a card containing the use and care instructions. Pay special attention to the battery charging times. I accidentally left mine charging for longer than twelve hours, and so far everything seems fine, but I don’t want to risk making the same mistake again and frying the vibe’s battery.

FixSation Couples Vibrator Sex ToyFixSation Couples Vibrator Sex Toy
The vibe itself is discreetly sized and shaped to fit comfortably between bodies. On the top of the vibe, which is also the male side as it’s on the outside when worn, there’s the control button, FixSation logo, and some slightly raised ridges to add texture. This truly is a couples’ vibrator, as it’s supposed to stimulate him, too. At least while you’re in missionary or some other position that allows the male side of the vibe to come into contact with your partner. It’s obviously not going to do much for him while in doggy or other rear-entry positions.

Underneath, aka the female side, there’s a subtle bulge towards the bottom to target the clitoris and labia, and it also has a some texture in the way of three larger ridges that feel a little more giving than those on the male side. I’m not sure what the FixSation vibe is made out of, but it’s a very lightweight and, according to the product information, phthalates-free medical grade material. To me, the surface feels similar to velvet cote plastic, except the ridges on the female side have that slight give, which makes me think it might be some kind of silicone or similar.
The Panty Companion holds the vibe in place with thin, elastic straps attached to a comfy, stretchy waistband. There’s no crotch or anything to interfere with penetration, which is great since this is meant to be worn during sex, and it really works. Nothing gets in the way.
The straps thread through little channels on either side of the vibe, and then hook onto the back of the waistband. It took me a few tries to get the whole thing assembled correctly, with the right side of the vibe facing up and out, and then putting it on the first time I got the whole thing twisted and tangled and had to start over. But in the end I got it all figured out. To turn the motor on, hold the button for a few seconds. Press the button for one second to change settings (there are three speeds of constant vibration), or push and hold the button for a few seconds to turn the vibe off.

Since the button is located at the top of the male side, it’s easy to find and access when needed, which is important. I’m also impressed by how well the Panty Companion holds the vibe in place. Having never tried anything like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I imagined the panties getting all shifted around and having to frequently readjust the vibe’s position, but it stays put.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant idea, but in my opinion FixSation would be improved with a more powerful motor that also has more variance of vibration intensity between the three speeds. As it is now, the vibrations start out fairly weak, and I can barely distinguish any increase in vibration strength as I move up through the other two speeds.

Also, the shape may not work for those who require more pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and there’s no way to adjust how tight the vibe is strapped to the user. This means I don’t have a completely hands-free experience while using this vibe, as I still need to press it firmly against me so that I can feel the vibrations better. I hope the company decides to make a more powerful version of the FixSation, and maybe even come out with other shape options, but in the meantime, I’ll continue playing around with this one.

Thank you, FixSation for sending me your product to review!



Silicone dildo with a long contoured shaft and angled, rounded tip.I don’t have very many non-vibrating sex toys. Well, not when compared to the number of motorized devices I have. Nearly all of my dildos are glass or metal, the Handmaiden G-Spot Thrill being the only silicone one I’ve reviewed so far. The Ophoria Beyond No. 3 caught my eye because of its design. By now I have a pretty good idea what sorts of shapes and designs are likely to work well for me, and I’m always up for trying slight variations. Just to make sure.

Ophoria Beyond No. 3 has a nicely rounded, bulbous head, a curve very similar to my beloved Icicles No. 21, and subtle texture on the underside of said curve. It’s also very ergonomically designed, with a long handle sporting a finger hole at the end, which is handy because smooth silicone can get slippery when lubed up.


Packaged in a plain white box with a clear plastic window, Beyond No. 3 is held in place by a molded plastic tray and comes with a little product brochure. I recycled all that and keep mine stored in a plastic bag. Because it’s silicone, it would rather not touch other silicone toys, and please remember to stick with water-based lube.


I found Beyond No.3 to be very effective for G-spot stimulation. The silicone is pretty firm, yet it still has some give and a little bit of surface yield. This means I’m able to put a fairly decent amount of pressure on my G-spot, while still enjoying some flexibility. I can have the head consistently press against my G-spot, while bringing the handle back against me for some external stimulation. In this position, I can prod, rock, grind, and even do some gentle thrusting. I don’t know if the wee dot down around the base of the shaft is meant to hit the clitoris for some pinpoint stimulation (and if not, then why is it there?), but it totally misses mine.

Oh, and the ridges? I love them when I can feel them. I know that sounds odd, but sometimes I notice the texture more than others. I guess it depends on how everything is positioned and what my body is responding to that day or something, but I love it when the bottom ridge lands right around my vaginal opening, as it gives me a soft nudging sensation.

I do have some bad news, though. This dildo has a very prominent seam running down the entire length on both sides. I know, these things are molded or whatever and I suppose seams are inevitable. But this one is really obvious. I can feel the seam while I’m using this toy, which is at times irritating and often distracting, and that keeps me from wanting to use it. Which sucks, because Beyond No. 3 is awesome in every other way. Too bad.

Oh, and technically you could turn this into a vibrating toy. If you have a powerful bullet that will fit in the finger whole, give it a try and see how well the vibrations travel through the silicone.

Small and discreet silicone vibratorI used to have a Cupid Kiss. It was my first textured vibe, and I bought it on sale for around $20. It had something like 8 different patterns, was waterproof, and covered in soft TPR silicone with ridges. Unfortunately, it was a battery drainer, lint magnet, and quit working after only a few months. Not long after, I noticed that Fun Factory had a very similar product called Meany. As soon as I had enough points saved up, I got one.

Meany comes packaged in the typical Fun Factory box, with the flaps, windows, product map, instructions, product brochure, and lube sample. It’s made from silicone, and has thicker, more bulbous ridges than the Cupid Kiss, and is smaller in size, but it has the same surface squishiness.


The tip has a slight curve to it for hitting the G-spot, and I love how the ridges feel when thrusting. The back side of the vibe is smoother, so when using it for clitoral stimulation you can have texture or not, or switch between the two. Meany is not one of the Click ‘N Charge vibes, unfortunately, and I wish it was. It takes two AAA batteries, the vibrations are strong for a battery powered vibe. But I hate the battery compartment cap. It has to be positioned a certain way in order for the sides to match up, and I invariably screw it on the wrong way at least a few times before getting it right.


Meany is a nice handy size, but as is often the case with these smaller vibes, the lack of a handle means that my hand goes numb from the vibrations with extended use. The controls are the same as nearly all the other Fun Factory toys I have: press and hold the + button to turn the motor on, and keep pushing to increase the speed at constant vibration. The – button decreases the speed, or you can press and hold it to turn the motor off. When at max speed, press the + button again to switch over to the patterns: slow escalating, medium, and short sharp pulses. Hit the – button to go back to continuous vibration.


Fun Factory is by far my favorite sex toy manufacturer, and I have really good luck with their products. Perhaps it’s not so much luck, but more the fact that they consistently produce high-quality sex toys. Yes, Meany cost me more than Cupid Kiss, but so far it’s already lasted longer with more use. Sometimes opting for what seems to be the better deal ends up being a false economy, so I’m glad I held out for my Meany instead of wasting more money on another dud.

So far I’ve used sex toys made from ABS plastic, silicone, TPR, elastomer, glass, metal, and now I can add acrylic to the list, thanks to sending me a Galaxy G Acrylic G-Spot Stimulator to review. This double-ended dildo looks like glass, but it’s lighter and very durable, which is a bonus for anyone concerned about using something breakable.

Galaxy G comes in a thin box with a nearly life-size picture of the product on the front and back. Even though I don’t have to worry about acrylic breaking, it can scratch, so I store my Galaxy G in a plastic bag. This material is compatible with both water and silicone based lubes, and it’s easily cleaned with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.

Even though acrylic is lighter in weight than glass or metal, it’s still a hard, solid material capable of applying serious pressure to the G-spot. It’s not nearly as good for temperature play, though. It does warm up and cool down a little, but it doesn’t really retain the temperature as well as glass or metal.

Also, while the lighter weight may be a huge advantage for some, as heavier materials can get a bit unwieldy during extended play sessions, for me I felt less full up and like I had to exert more effort to apply enough pressure. I think I prefer a little more heft. However, this toy still feels pretty dang awesome when inserted. Galaxy G‘s pronounced curve makes it easy to reach the G-spot, and it’s a great design for rocking, probing, and some gentle shallow thrusting.

Overall, the Galaxy G is an ideal beginner’s dildo because it’s a very effective G-spot toy that’s also modestly sized, affordably priced, and has two different ends to explore. The rounded head is larger than the tapered end, but it’s still smaller than the bigger ball end on a Pure Wand, and the curve is very similar. The tapered end reminds me of the teardrop-shaped head on my Icicles No. 21, but it’s smaller and slightly less pointy. In the video below I compare the Galaxy G to other popular G-spot dildos.

Oh, and for anyone new to G-spot exploration, also has a great kit available to get you started. The Oh My Gush! kit includes a Galaxy G, a 2 oz bottle of Please Liquid Lubricant, and Gush: The Official Guide to G-spot and Female Ejaculation.

Today is the day! In case you haven’t already heard, today Lelo is launching a new collection of massagers to their Insignia line.

Designed especially for couples, these innovative new vibes feature motion-sensor technology. It’s about time sex toys caught up with smart phones and video game consoles! This new “SenseMotion” allows the vibrations to be changed by movement. Users can turn, shake, and tilt the (wireless!) remote controllers to switch vibration settings. Not only that, but the vibrations are synced between the controller and the massager, so the person manning the remote can also feel the vibrations.

Oh, and these things are gorgeously designed, just as you would expect from Lelo, so be on the lookout for them online or in your favorite adult toy store. I can’t wait to try one all three!

Remember a few weeks ago when I sadly reported in a Follow-Up Friday post that my Starlet Toyfriend was no longer working? Well, as it turns out I was right about something being wrong with the button. Once I figured out what, I was able to fix it, and the good news is that the motor still works just fine.

See, there’s a silicone sleeve that covers the plastic cap to the battery compartment. Inside this sleeve is a silicone nub that hangs down. I know it’s not really visible in the photo, and for that I apologize, but it’s the same pink color, so it’s not going to show up all that well. This nub is supposed to fit into a small hole in the plastic cap underneath, where there’s a recessed button.

Pressing the bottom of the battery cap (with the silicone sleeve on) pushes the nub down, which in turn hits the button and turns the motor on. But if the silicone nub has slipped out of position, as was the case with mine, then nothing happens because the nub isn’t making contact with the little button underneath.

I know the pictures aren’t really all that great, so I made a video that pretty much explains it all. Now, I also want to let you guys know that I’ve been in touch with a rep from the company, who not only forwarded this information to the relevant people at Toyfriends, but is also sending me a replacement. I love it when companies are receptive to feedback on their products and make the effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for over a year, and I now possess way more than I need, and definitely more than I can reasonably use. There’s also a space issue, so my sex toy collection can’t be allowed to grow beyond my storage capacity. In order to keep accepting new products to review, I need to make room for them. That means it’s time to cull.

Please understand, I fully intend to keep the good stuff. I just want to trash the crap. So, I went through and took out every sex toy that I haven’t played with since reviewing it. From that pile, I sorted out the ones I had no interest in ever using again. Not surprisingly, these were mostly cheap vibes. The material was either lint-magnet TPR, skin-drag heavy pseudo silicone, or flimsy plastic. In many the motors were weak and/or too loud. Or took watch batteries.

We’re not supposed to throw away old electronics and stuff like that in the regular trash. Luckily, I have a place nearby where I can drop off electronics to be recycled, so that’s where these toys are ultimately headed. But before I do that, I thought I’d have some fun with them one last time. A different kind of fun, that is.

See, I really don’t want to hand the attendants at the recycling center a bag full of sex toys. So I hacked them up to the point where they were no longer recognizable as such. It was a lot of fun, if a bit challenging at times, and it’s interesting to see how these things are put together.

The motors I could get to are dissected and will be put to other uses, and the little circuit board things are separate from the wires, outer materials, and other stuff. If anybody really wants to go about trying to piece it all back together and manages to build something recognizable, then I say they’ve earned the knowledge that some housewife brought in a bag full of dismembered vibrators.

Anyway, I took more pictures documenting the massacre, and from time to time I’ll feature one of the victims in a What’s Inside Wednesday post. This way you’ll not only get to see which toys I trashed, but you’ll also get to see what’s inside them.

You can view all my What’s Inside Wednesday posts here: What’s Inside Wednesday archive. If you tear up any sex toys and post pictures, please share your links in the comments, thanks!

Thank you so much to everyone for participating in this giveaway! The winner is…

Comment number 84, which is Alacransita84, congratulations!

Summer is coming to a close as the kids head back to school. The added activity load can stretch schedules and budgets. There’s often not a lot of time to relax and be pampered, especially when we may need it most. Having the right kind of relaxation aids on hand might help, so I’m thrilled to be hosting a giveaway for quality pampering products from Shunga Erotic Art.

They recently sent me a selection of goodies to try, and I’ve already reviewed the Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss and Massage Candle. As a prize for this giveaway they’re offering a Garden of Edo Organic Collectionset, which includes:

  • Exotic Green Tea Erotic Massage Oil, 8 fl oz
  • Intimate Kisses Exotic Green tea Aphrodisiac Oil, 3.5 fl oz
  • TOKO Organica lubricant, 5.5 fl oz
  • Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel, 2 fl oz
  • Oriental Crystals Dead Sea Lotus Flower Bath Salts, 14 oz
Click the photo below for more information about each item in the collection. This set retails for $94.95 and is available to order from the Shunga website.

To enter the giveaway and try to win a Garden of Edo kit, all you have to do is like Shunga Erotic Art on Facebook. Leave a comment below letting me know. If you already like their page on Facebook, then that counts too, just let me know by leaving a comment. That’s the mandatory entry. Please also include a way for me to contact you if you’re the winner.

To get bonus entries, do as many of the following as you like, and please remember to leave a separate comment for each.

  • Follow Shunga on Twitter.
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  • Share the giveaway on Facebook, and please leave a link to the post in your comment.
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This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. CDT on August 31, 2011. Winner will be selected from the comments using and will have 48 hours after being notified to claim the Garden of Edo Oragnic Collection.

Playing With Fire Collection of Erotic Short Stories

Front Cover

I’ve so far talked about various types of sex toys, lube, and informational adult books, but until now I haven’t reviewed any erotica. Recently offered Playing With Fire up for review,  which is a collection of 23 short stories that all have heat as a common theme. I hadn’t read any new erotica in a while, so I decided to request it.

Published by Cleis Press and edited by Alison Tyler, the scenes and content in Playing With Fire go beyond what you’ll find in an everyday romance novel. The sex acts in these short stories are full of passion and desire, with a ample fantasy and just enough touch of taboo. All of the couples featured are heterosexual, with threesomes happening in some of the stories.

Playing With Fire Erotica

Back Cover

A variety of writers contributed to this collection, and brief author bios are included in the back of the book. The writing styles vary from direct narration to symbolic imagery that’s almost surreal, but the standard themes are covered: bondage, wife swapping, cuckolding, spanking, fantasy fulfillment, anonymous hook-up sex, sheer animalistic lust, etc.

I actually enjoyed reading all of the stories, with the exception of “Burned” which I found to be totally confusing. It’s one of those story-within-a-story type pieces about threesomes gone wrong and parallel love triangles, or something. But I’d like to point out a few of my favorites.

  • One Hundred Degrees in the Shade” is a titillating story of a couple trying to beat the heat of summer with a broken air conditioning. The sexual tension builds as they wait for rainstorms to cool them down.
  • One Hot Slut” is a first-person monologue of a wife preparing to seduce her husband when he gets home. She goes into detail about what she’s scheming and her expectations for the night, which ultimately doesn’t go as planned.
  • Where There’s Smoke” is about a married couple, and the wife is having an affair. Her husband starts asking about her secret lover during sex, and in the process of answering his questions, they have the hottest sex ever.
  • In “Just Add Water” a couple realize their voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies thanks to the installation of a new shower curtain.

Most of the stories are really short, so this is a perfect book to pick and read even when you don’t have a big block of time. While nothing in Playing With Fire is too extreme, some of the stories explore a few boundaries. Page turning while having sex or enjoying some solo play time isn’t really practical, but I often read erotica to help me get in the mood, and many stories are useful inspiration.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry VibratorNot long after I started reviewing sex toys I caught sight of the colorful and uniquely designed vibes from Papaya. Made from top-quality silicone, Papaya Toys feature powerful motors and easy-to-use controls. You can check out the entire collection on their company website, and please do because they come in a variety of fun styles, and they’re all waterproof.

The company has also been recognized for quality and innovative design. Having coveted one of these vibes for many months, I am thrilled to tell you all about the Tattoo Strawberry they recently send me to try.

As for the packaging, it’s a completely discreet, simple square box with product information printed in English on a slide-off outer sleeve. The same information is in German on the back of the box itself.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Box Front Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Box Back

Rather than having a lift-off lid, there’s a top flap that extends down to the box’s front panel where it closes magnetically. Inside is a tray holding the vibe and its satiny storage pouch, with the user’s manual/instructions (printed in several different languages) sitting on top.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Packaging

There’s nothing underneath the tray, which seemed to me at first to be a waste of space. Then I realized that this is a nice sturdy box, that’s also quick and easy to open with the magnetic flap, so it’s great for storage. I’m currently keeping charger cables and instruction books for other sex toys in there. Plus, a square box doesn’t look like sex toy packaging, so it’s ideal for gift-giving.

Tattoo Strawberry is a good size for multiple purposes. The rounded tip is smaller than the typical wand massager, but it’s still very effective for clitoral stimulation. The shaft gradually increases in girth, but it stays within a pretty average range that should suit most users. On either side of the shaft is a raised tattoo-like design which adds some texture.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements
The shaft also has a very slight, nearly imperceptible, curve, which makes effective G-spot stimulation possible. I didn’t think it was working that well for me when I first used it internally, but I soon figured out where to position and how to move it. I’m not always a big fan of internal vibrations, but I love the feel of this one on low because it’s so nice and rumbly.
Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements

Then, when I need some powerful throbbing on my clit, I can just ramp up the power because the controls are super easy. Well, at least they are now that I’ve finally figured them out. For some unknown reason I had trouble working them at first. I kept hitting the wrong button and getting confused, which is silly because there are only two buttons, one on each side of the raised bow-tie on the vibe handle.

Just press the left button once to turn the motor on and cycle through the two pulse settings. Press and hold the same button to increase the vibration speed/intensity. To decrease the vibration strength, press and hold the right button. To turn the motor off at any time, press the right button once.

Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Shaft Papaya Tattoo Strawberry Measurements

This vibe is surprisingly powerful considering it only takes two AA batteries. The battery compartment itself is rather interesting, and Papaya Toys won an innovation award for it. The batteries go in a cartridge that works no matter which way you install it. How fantastic is that? No more fumbling trying to figure out which way the batteries go in, or frustration over having to take them out and try again. I can see where this would be especially helpful when in a darkened room, or a hurry.

Honestly, I’m very impressed with the Papaya Tattoo Strawberry. I’m amazed at the motor’s power, and I love its rumbly vibrations. It also has a good range in vibration strength, and the size and shape make it an ideal all-purpose vibe and a new favorite. Thank you to Papaya Toys for sending me this one to review!